Brighton Beach

Like the other New York beaches in Brooklyn, Brighton Beach has been a popular summertime retreat for the last century. Perched between Coney Island and Manhattan Beach, this seaside community continues to draw sightseers, swimmers, walkers, and plenty of others who want to admire the views of the Atlantic Ocean.

While most of the attention has gone to Brighton Beach's next-door neighbor, Coney Island, the community is a fantastic place to get out and enjoy your day. There's no doubt that Brighton Beach New York has captured the popular imagination, thanks in large part to Neil Simon's play, Brighton Beach Memoirs. Broadcaster Larry King grew up in the neighborhood, and several movies are set in this part of Brooklyn.

Even though Brighton Beach New York may not be as famous as many New York beach resorts, it's still a fine place to enjoy some time along the shore. In the 1940s, Coney Island's boardwalk was stretched into Brighton Beach. With the long boardwalk, Brooklyn became home to one of the most excellent places to stroll along the beach in the entire city. More and more people started spending time along the Brighton Beach boardwalk, a tradition that continues to this day.

Now, cafes, shops, restaurants, clubs, and other local business line the Brighton Beach Boardwalk. Many of these businesses reflect the cultural make-up of the neighborhood, including the culture of immigrants from Russia and the Ukraine. Visitors can spend time shopping, tasting pirozhki (stuffed buns), listening to music, and spending time along the ocean. No matter where they stop, those out for a stroll also enjoy clear views of the water, salty ocean breezes, and fresh air.

Just off the Brighton Beach boardwalk, the city's park department watches over a playground where New York beach resorts once reigned proud. Today, visitors enjoy the slides, swings, basketball courts, picnic tables, and game tables. The design and architectural features, including steel panels with dolphins, reflect a nautical theme.

A commemorative garden honors Chiune Sugihara, a Japanese diplomat who saved many lives during the Holocaust. The city also manages a variety of parks and beaches along the shore in Brooklyn, including Coney Island Beach, Asser Levy Park & Aquarium, Manhattan Beach, and the greenway path along Ocean Parkway.

With a name like Brighton Beach, it's not surprising that swimming is a popular pastime in the summer (although the beaches rarely are crowded). There's plenty of space for sunbathers to stretch out their towels and soak in the rays. A beachside parking lot provides easy access to the swimming areas, and a variety of visitor amenities are found nearby at the Coney Island Beach. Both of the beaches can be reached by a short stroll from the subway or by bus.

With gentle waves and calm waters, Brighton Beach swimmers can enjoy time in the water without much worry. Lifeguards are on duty between Memorial Day and the end of summer.

In August, the neighborhood comes to life with a giant festival. Since the 1970s, Brighton Beach New York has been host to the Jubilee Festival. With great food, live music, kids' games, rides, and more, the festival celebrates diversity as it brings people together.

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