Buffalo New York

Located on the Niagara River, Buffalo New York is the state's second largest city, and makes up part of the Buffalo-Niagara metropolitan area. An increasingly popular New York travel destination, cultural attractions in Buffalo are found at nearly every turn, and account for a sizable portion of New York tourism.

Buffalo New York has a long and rich history. Upon the completion of the Erie Canal in 1825, Buffalo was designated its westernmost terminus, and this drove much more settlement to the area. It got its industrial start in steel-making and automobile production, and to this day maintains in operation several smaller steel mills. The windshield wiper was invented in Buffalo New York, and, since the dawn of the 21st century this city has been an important center of bio-informatics and human genome research.

Attractions in Buffalo include over 50 public and private art galleries

Buffalo architecture is one of the most remarkable attractions in New York, and includes the country's largest intact system of parks and parkways, the Guaranty Building--- one of the first steel-supported, curtain-walled buildings in the world, and, at thirteen stories, the tallest building in Buffalo during the time it was built. Many houses built by Frank Lloyd Wright still stand in Buffalo, and are a testament to his fondness for the city. The Art Deco style found throughout New York City made its way to Buffalo as well, as seen in the Buffalo City Hall building and The Electric Building.

Buffalo has a thriving nightlife, as evidenced by its 4am Last Call (as opposed to the rest of the country's 2am standard). Buffalo New York eatery options are vast, and include many ethnicities.

Nearby points of interest and New York travel destinations include Niagara Falls, McKinley Monument, and the Erie Canal, which are among the famous attractions in New York state-wide.

Visits to Buffalo and the surrounding Niagara area comprise a significant portion of New York travel, and,despite claims to the contrary, Buffalo New York enjoys a relatively pleasant climate, though its summers can run on the humid side. The best time to visit and take advantage of the attractions in Buffalo would be Spring or Fall, when the weather's at its mildest.

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