Catskill Mountains

Catskill Mountains
Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains consists of over 6000 square miles of rivers, forests, and mountain peaks that exceed 3,500 feet. The entire area has been well preserved throughout the years. Catskill New York is often known as America"s First Wilderness because it was the first site affected by the American conservation movement. There are so many things to do in Catskill New York including hiking, camping, fishing, and touring museums. Although the Catskill Mountains are only 100 miles from New York City, the laid back lifestyle of the Catskill Mountains will make you feel a world away from the Big Apple. The Catskill Mountains are also located near the Adirondack Mountains and are a short drive from other New York cities such as Albany and Poughkeepsie.

The town of Roscoe, known as Trout Town USA, is an interesting place to visit on a Catskill vacation. The downtown is full of shopping and Catskills activities that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts. Catskill resorts in Roscoe are popular for anglers since it's near Junction Pool, one of the best known fishing spots in the country. Every year on April 1, hundreds of people flock to Roscoe for the start of fly fishing season. If you have a fishing enthusiast in the family and are looking for Catskills activities they will enjoy, head to the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum in Roscoe. The museum displays exhibits related to the history of fly fishing and offers live demonstrations by fly fishing experts.

The Delaware River and Willowemoc are known as some of the finest trout streams in the United States. If you"re taking a Catskill vacation centered on fishing, be sure to visit the Catskill Fish Hatchery, where one million brown trout are raised every year. The Catskill Fish Hatchery, located at Roscoe, offers guided tours, fishing excursions, and other Catskills activities. Fishing season begins in April. If you"re staying in Catskills resorts during the start of the fishing season, be sure to make your arrangements well in advance.

Hiking is one of the most popular things to do on a Catskill vacation. Kaaterskill Falls is the largest falls in New York and draws a large crowd of hikers during the summer. Although the hiking trails around Kaaterskill Falls are rocky and occasionally wet, it is rated as an easy grade trail. The trail is just under a mile long. For a longer and more challenging backpacking trip, try the 24-mile Devil's Path trail. This strenuous path passes over five mountain peaks. It features rough terrain and spectacular views of the Catskill New York area.

There are many Catskill resorts to choose from. The Reynolds House Inn and Motel, located in the historic Catskill New York town of Roscoe, is the oldest bed and breakfast in America that is still in operation. Originally built in 1902 as a boardinghouse, the bed and breakfast stands out from other Catskills resorts because of its cozy rooms and family-like atmosphere. You"ll find well-decorated rooms, claw foot tubs, and many other extras that will make you feel right at home on your Catskill vacation.

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