Catskill Mountains Camping

The Catskill Mountains camping options are extensive. In fact, there are so many campgrounds in the area that camping enthusiasts might not know where to start. For many, it comes down to amenities. Some campers prefer a more rustic spot, such as those that are found at the Devil’s Tombstone Campground in Greene County. Others want more in the way of amenities and opt instead to go with a campground such as the Delaware County KOA or the 400-site Rondout Valley Camping Resort in Ulster County.

Even during the peak Catskill Mountains camping season, or summer, it can be easy to find a campsite. The Earlton Family Campground alone offers 300 sites, and there are no less than 350 sites at Kittatinny Campgrounds. Add in the 400 sites at the aforementioned Rondout Valley Camping Resort, and that’s more than 1,000 sites right there. You can find the Earlton Family Campground in Greene County, by the way, while Kittatinny Campgrounds calls Sullivan County home. Both offer tent sites and RV sites, as is true of many campgrounds in the Catskills. Hiking in the Catskills is a wonderful way to explore this part of New York State, and many campgrounds also have access to good hiking trails as well.

There are campgrounds in the Catskill Mountains region to fit virtually every taste and preference. Even nudists can find a place to bare it all while they stay close to nature, thanks to the Juniper Woods Campground in Greene County. A healthy number of area campgrounds sit on a river or a lake, so fishing enthusiasts should have little trouble finding their camping bliss as well, and for those who don’t like to rough it, the Skyway Camping Resort in Sullivan County offers a considerable amount of luxury. It should also be noted that it is possible to rent a cabin at some of the Catskill campgrounds if a tent just doesn’t cut it. Brookside Campgrounds Cabins in Greene County offers some of the best. Each cabin at Brookside has a fully-equipped kitchen and a bathroom.

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