East Hampton Village

East Hampton Village spans only sixteen square miles but is filled with an array of treasures. Founded by British farmers in 1648, it is located on the South Fork of Long Island’s east side in Suffolk County. Vast green spaces, wetlands, ponds, woodland, and farmland blend with some of New York’s most beautiful beaches. The village’s southern border is where the beaches lie, along a striking coastline with an incredible view of the Atlantic Ocean. Main Street’s homes and estates are truly unique antiques illustrating rich history along a main road still as wide as it once was centuries ago.

There are many attractions throughout East Hampton Village, but its greatest feature is the beaches. They are well loved for their pristine white sand and accessibility; there is scarce development along the coastline aside from residential properties. For as beautiful as they are, they can be hard to get to for the limited parking spaces available. The upside is the beaches are rarely crowded. Throughout the streets nearby, parking is prohibited, which lends to the beach’s quiet feel. There are no restrictions on walking or cycling to the coast.

There are five main beaches: Georgica starts off the consecutive beaches in the west. Main Beach is next, then Wiborg Beach, Egypt Lane Beach, and finally Two Mile Hollow at the easterly end. Almost each beach has particular feature. Georgica Beach is the surfing beach, Main Beach is the sole area providing a pavilion, Wiborg and Egypt Lane both see a lot of golfers after rounds at neighboring Maidstone Golf Club. Two Mile Hollow is East Hampton’s gay beach.

An East Hampton day or overnight trip is easily achieved via several modes of transportation. By car, visitors will take Montauk Highway, which is also called Sunrise Highway and Route 27. This road traverses through all the villages in the Hamptons to the very end of the island. Heading in from New York City, the Hamptons Jitney is the way to go. It travels from the city to each of the villages. It also makes a stop at both airports. Manhattan is connected to Montauk via the Long Island Rail Road. Luxury cars with luggage storage and even a bar make the trip very pleasant and there are no stops before the Hamptons. Seasonal rates apply.



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