New York Holidays

Holidays in New York, both New York State and New York City, always seem to be reason for celebration. New York State observes all federal holidays, and the opportunities for celebration are endless. New York events are found in both upstate New York and New York City itself.

Not surprisingly, New York City tourist revenue accounts for the bulk of New York State tourism overall. Macy's Thanksgiving Day and Fourth of July parades, the New Year's Eve Times Square Ball Drop, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting are but a few of the annual holidays in New York City that are observed in grand style. Macy"s Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a beloved New York City tradition since the 1920s, when Macy"s employees marching in the parade---many of whom were first generation European immigrants---were proud to show off their heritage.

The annual New Year"s Even Times Square Ball Drop is a well-attended, nationally televised event that got its start back in 1906, and is an American classic---hosted by another American classic, Dick Clark. Tens of thousands of New Yorkers bundle up and brave the cold to partake in the countdown to the New Year.

Holidays to New York during the Thanksgiving-Christmas season are popular with people of all ages, as one look at the holiday crowd skating around Rockefeller Center's ice rink will tell you. Hundreds flock to skate Many visitors consider Christmas and holiday shopping in New York City's Fifth Avenue Shopping District in Manhattan to be a dream vacation, and will return each year as part of a family tradition.

New York State tourism is also bolstered by other events in and around upstate New York. Many music festivals, theatrical productions, art shows and the like are found sprinkled throughout New York State and throughout the year. The Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo is one of the largest outdoor art festivals in the country.

Many New York State natives and out-of-state summertime visitors choose to travel to The New York State Fair. Since 1841, The New York State Fair has been one of the beloved annual New York events, and takes place at The Empire Expo Center in Syracuse, New York during late August and early September. The 375-acre fair grounds include animals, exhibits, and displays of the New York State's finest agriculture and animal husbandry, amusement rides and skill/target games, and some of the biggest names in entertainment. Other New York events are held year-round at the fair grounds, such as classic car shows, the annual Shrine Circus, and even boxing tournaments. The New York State Fair grounds are easily accessible by car, bus, or flight into nearby Syracuse Hancock International Airport.

As long as New York, both the state and the city, continues to offer such an array of special events and holiday observances, New York State tourism will continue to flourish well into the future, and beckon visitors from around the world.

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