Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes is a prominent tourist region in New York deserving of its fine reputation. Quaint villages, rushing waterfalls, wonderfully designed and maintained parks, and lakes of course, are all part of the scene. Finger Lakes is an ideal destination for vacations with plentiful attractions and an extensive diversity of activities. Stretching more than 9,000 square miles from the border of Pennsylvania to the coast of Lake Ontario, eleven co-extending lakes blanket the area. These include Cayuga Lake, Owasco Lake, and Canandaigua Lake, which are all part of a larger conglomerate called Finger Lakes.

It’s evident Finger Lakes tourism attracts an enormous number of outdoor buffs, but if you aren't the outdoor sort, there are a wealth of museums, shops, restaurants, and interesting small towns to enjoy throughout the year. And if you happen to be a wine aficionado, Finger Lakes is just the place to visit. A count of more than 100 Finger Lakes wineries creates an incredible choice for the palate. Four distinct and easily traveled wine routes reveal the best of regional wine accessed via travel guides and other transportation services.

Along with celebrated wine comes many wonderful options in food, two of the finer things in life. Food and wine are closely intertwined and at the peak of Finger Lakes tourism. There are plenty to choose between, including cooking classes and demonstrations, vibrant local markets and farms, and great restaurants, from casual cafes to upscale eateries. With this enduring trend in food and wine, a lively event and festival roster was born. Special food competitions like New York’s Slice, Dice & Spice are popular events. Waterfront restaurants and dinner cruises are two more reasons the food and wine scene reigns.

The Finger Lakes also have great history just waiting to be discovered on any vacation. During the nineteenth century, the area encompassed by Finger Lakes was a center of advancement, modernism, and avant garde thinking. Looking back on local history reignites the passion felt by leading abolitionists, major political figures, and suffragists. A cache of impressive historic estates and captivating museums relay these tales comprehensibly and with many interesting twists.

Recreation is what draws in the biggest crowds, and with a backdrop of countless outdoor opportunities, there’s no time for anything but fun. More than 24 state parks are open from Spring through Autumn, providing an endless range of activities. Fishing for walleye, bass, pike, trout and more individually and along with the many derbies and other competitions is a popular pastime as is hunting across more than 250,000 acres in over 100 locations. More than 1,000 waterfalls create magical settings while the Erie Canal, located within the Finger Lakes NY region, is a hotbed of activity from May through November, from cruises and pleasure boating to cycling, dining, and shopping.

From year-round festivals to summer sailing and winter skiing at Bristol Mountain, Finger Lakes tourism thrives. A national wildlife refuge, Finger Lakes National Forest, countless historic sites, and exciting cities like Syracuse and Rochester create more unique chances to explore in your own personal way. Incredible vacation packages are one way to arrange adventures within Finger Lakes or try one of the great hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, or spacious vacation rentals for an ideal home base.

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