Lake Ontario New York

Lake Ontario New York separates the state from Ontario, and the border between the United States and Canada runs through its clear, deep water. As the easternmost of the Great Lakes, the lake is a significant place to explore in northern New York. Several interesting towns, sights, and attractions can be found along the way, including Rochester and Alexandria Bay. When the weather is warm, time at the Lake Ontario NY beaches will give you the chance to soak in the scenery, take a dip in the fresh water, and feel the sun on your shoulders.

A bevy of the Lake Ontario attractions and beaches can be found in the Thousand Islands region, a scenic wonderland home to seaside villages and plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation. You might not expect to find a castle with a story fit for a movie, but this is exactly what you'll find on Alexandria Bay, close to where Lake Ontario meets the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Boldt Castle, which would look right at home in Europe, stands proud on Heart Island. Tour companies on both side of the border lead boat tours to the island. A wealthy financier, the owner of famous Waldorf-Astoria in New York City, had this built for his bride. After receiving word she had died, Boldt called off his workers. After stepping off their Great Lakes cruises, today's visitors can enjoy guided tour of the house and Italianate gardens, while they're learning about its history. You also can hop aboard a ferry to Wellesey Island to see Boldt Castle's collection of antique boats and soak in views of Lake Ontario New York along the way.

In the Thousands Island region all the way to the western border of Lake Ontario New York, sightseeing cruises introduce visitors to the majesty and scenery of this inland lake. While you're enjoying one of the Great Lakes cruises, you can follow the call to the open water—no training necessary. These Lake Ontario attractions on the move give you lot of variety. A narrated sightseeing cruise is a great way to experience the history and heritage of this region, while a moonlight cruise is a romantic way to end the day's adventures. You'll also have the chance to learn the ropes with one of the sailing schools of sign up for one of the fishing charters to do some Great Lakes fishing.

The charter captains will tell you that top best Lake Ontario fishing spots can be found between Rochester and Oswego. These local captains who lead charters and provide expert guide service know the top places to find salmon, trout, and other freshwater sport fish. Many of the charters depart from easy-to-find docks along Lake Ontario NY beaches; if you need transportation, oftentimes you can request a pick-up right at your hotel or rental cabin.

No matter where you're visiting along the shore, you'll be close to an excellent beach. While all of the Great Lakes beaches are known for their scenic views, the ones along Lake Ontario are particularly picturesque. One of the most popular Lake Ontario NY beaches is found in Rochester. Here, Ontario Beach park gives you plenty of space swimming and playing volleyball, everything you'd expect from a day at the beach. You'll also find a pier, boat launch, and even a historic carousel at one of the most popular summertime attractions in New York state.

No matter what you pack into your Great Lakes vacations along Lake Ontario, you'll need somewhere to stay. Many Lake Ontario rentals, including beach houses and cabins, give you direct access to the water. You'll be close to plenty of Lake Ontario attractions on and off shore, as well as the amazing scenery.

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