Lake Placid

Lake Placid is one of the most beautiful and mesmerizing destination in New York state and that’s exactly the first and lasting impression it makes. It puts true meaning into ‘breathtaking.’ The quaint village and lakes are set against big sky, magnificent mountains, and glassy water. These few aspects unite seamlessly not only creating a striking destination, but also banding together into a recreational haven and an idyllic setting for vacations. The restriction on motor crafts of any kind ensures the peace and quiet most seek when taking Lake Placid vacations. Taciturn surroundings, fresh, crisp mountain air, cool refreshing water, and endless things to do—that’s Lake Placid NY in a nutshell.

Lake Placid and the High Peaks are underlined by the Adirondack Mountains and the lake below, but there is so much depth to the region it can take a while to experience everything it all. White water rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, hiking mountain paths, and cycling along intrepid trails are different at Lake Placid. Everything seems accentuated—clearer, higher, more exciting, and more challenging. Outdoor adventure is, unquestionably, the life-blood of Lake Placid.

The main village at Lake Placid is located at the southern tip of its namesake lake, south of both Ottawa and Montreal Canada and east of Vermont. Lake Placid ( the actual lake) has a west and east side designation and resembles a shakily-drawn figure 8. Mirror Lake is centrally located between Lake Placid and the village. As a two-time host of the winter Olympics, Lake Placid features plenty of Olympic memorabilia including the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex, the Olympic Center, and the Olympic Museum. It’s hard to miss these historical sites and worth every penny to experience them.

With the mighty cold being common as the village has an elevation of 1,800 feet, winter sports are king. Skiing and snowboarding at Whiteface Mountain, bobsledding, tobogganing, and ice skating are a few winter pastimes to try out. If winter is king then summer is surely queen. The summer months offer premier conditions for Lake Placid vacations. This is the time when renting a cottage is on everyone’s mind. Walking the almost-three-mile circuit that spans around Mirror Lake is a must and gives a great impression of what else is to come.

Swimming, golfing, hiking, cycling, scaling mountainsides, and horseback riding are all options. And don’t forget Lake Placid fishing for panfish, bass, rainbow and lake trout. Fly-fishing is supreme on the backwaters and bordering rivers. Extreme sport fanatics are out in full force during the summer, but they’re usually tucked away on a rock face or barreling through isolated parts of the mountains and forests. Fall is another favorite season punctuated with gorgeous colors that take their time fading out the summer hues.

As a major seasonal resort, Lake Placid NY is fully stocked with all the amenities visitors need. From vacation rentals, resorts, and hotels to shopping and dining in town to a host of fun things to do, you’ll never go without what you need or want. On top of all the outdoor recreation, they are countless festivals, cultural and art events, galleries and museums, live concerts, heritage tours, mountain tours, and so much more. Lake Placid vacations are more than just family fun. The destination offers so much to do that sometimes the plan to return is the only way to experience it all.

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