New York Attractions

It’s no secret that most New York tourist attractions are comfortably couched within the boundaries of New York City - but under no circumstances should the rest of the state should not be ignored. While they might not be located in an ethereal metropolis, the areas that do not fall under the city’s sphere of influence have a number of great New York attractions to offer.


But you cannot ignore the state’s cultural capital - one of the most beautiful and, arguably, most important cities in the entire world. And, of course, it all centers around the island of Manhattan. From Times Square to the Statue of Liberty to Central Park to Broadway, you won’t find a more condensed area with so many things to do in New York. New York tourist attractions within the city number in the thousands and it would take months to see them all, but rest assured that it’s well worth a try. Outside of the ones listed above, the Metropolitan Museum, Empire State Building , the Brooklyn Bridge, Bronx Zoo and Rockefeller Center are also some of the most famous places to visit in the city.

The Hamptons

Famed vacation destination for New York City’s elite class, the Hamptons are not nearly as posh or exclusive as one is led to believe. Small hamlets and quaint beaches greet those who travel to the east end of Long Island. Montauk is one of the more popular New York attractions in the area, amidst the many opulent summer homes, there are plenty of seaside resorts for upper, middle and lower class alike.

Baseball Hall of Fame

Cooperstown New York
Cooperstown New York

Just ask Ken Burns: baseball’s history is one of the most romanticized and fascinating subjects since the Civil War. No other sport is as entrenched in the past, as larger than life heroes from years past are immortalized here. Millions of fans make the pilgrimage to Cooperstown every year, and it is one of the most revered New York tourist attractions in the state.

Saratoga Springs

One of the most visited New York tourist attractions in upstate, the city is best known for its mineral springs, racetrack and vibrant nightlife. Relax in Saratoga Spa State Park before heading down to the horse races at one of America’s premier tracks. Afterwards go for a drink at any of the lively bars on Caroline Street on your way back to one of the posh hotels or romantic bed and breakfasts that line Saratoga’s sleepy streets.

Lake Placid

Located amongst the scenic Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, Lake Placid more than lives up to its name. For those who really want to get away from it all, this pleasant village is one of the top New York tourist attractions for the athletically inclined. Renowned for some of the country’s best skiing (which is why it’s been home to the Winter Olympics twice), and as the perfect base from which to ascend into the Adirondacks, Lake Placid is a nature lover’s dream – the absolute other end of the spectrum from New York City.

Niagara Falls

The most famous section of the U.S.-Canadian border, as far as scenery and romance goes, a visit here is one of the top things to do in New York. Thousands of couple honeymoon or get married next to the Falls, and a wave of tourists flock here every summer to take in the cool breezes and soothing majesty located just 17 miles northwest of Buffalo. There are immaculate gardens and beautiful preserves, but the magnificence of the falls is best scene at night, with the soft purple and yellow lighting magnifying Niagara’s extraordinary natural beauty.

Coney Island

Every summer, New Yorkers head to the southernmost part of Brooklyn to hang out at Coney Island , where the beach and amusement park beckon. Noted mostly for the old-timey Ferris Wheel and famed Cyclone roller coaster, it is also nearby Brighton Beach, which has both sand, sun, and a melting pot of cultures that give the area a unique and distinctive feel.

Bronx Zoo

One of the first zoos that moved animals from cages to more naturalized environments, the Bronx Zoo is still one of the most famous New York tourist attractions. Amongst the many rare and furry creatures, the zoo is home to the Congo Gorilla Forest, which is currently the largest manmade rainforest in the world.

Finger Lakes

Wine enthusiasts consider the Finger Lakes region one of the best New York attractions, as it is the second largest wine producing area in America after Napa Valley. Tucked into the Appalachians near Syracuse and Ithaca, the Finger Lakes also feature tranquil resorts and summer homes for vacationers hoping to take in a little nature.

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