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In a state like New York, trying to figure out where to visit can be particularly difficult. Do you hang out by Lake Erie in Buffalo, or head for the coast and New York City? Are the mountains calling you, or is the beach? While choosing where to vacation in the beautiful state of New York can be hard, finding New York hotels that suit your needs once you get there is a pretty easy task. In New York, you can find accommodations of all sorts to fit all budgets. If your vacation budget is small, there are plenty of places to rest your head comfortably at night that won't break the bank. If you are looking for luxury and amenities, your choices will run deep as well. From rental cabins, to Fifth Avenue five-star luxury, the New York hotels have something for everyone, much like the state itself.

Hotels in New York
Hotels in New York

Many people who visit New York come for the big lights and nonstop action of New York City. When it comes to NYC hotels, you will find some of the best downtown luxury options found anywhere in the world. In Manhattan, the sights are many, the shopping is second to none, and both Broadway and Times Square shine bright. The Manhattan hotels and Times Square hotels have many luxurious choices among them, and if you can afford the lofty rates, they are certainly to be considered. But, the Midtown hotels aren't the only options for great accommodations in the city. If the New York boutique hotels are what you are after, one of the city's best is in the SoHo district, and on the Upper West side, the choices for NYC hotels also present some many welcome options. The NYC hotels generally aren't where you are going to find discount New York lodging, but you can find discount New York City hotels and New York City hostels to cushion the blow. To be able to have access to such attractions as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Rockefeller Center is worth the inflated price you will pay for the NYC hotels.

New York City consists of five boroughs, and if you are looking for NYC hotels outside of Manhattan, then you might look into the options for Brooklyn hotels, or those found in Queens. The hotels in Brooklyn present a most interesting mix of bed and breakfasts, guest apartments and the more traditional hotels. In Queens, you can pay less for accommodations and still have the heart of the city close by. The airport Queens hotels, for example, are plenty convenient, offering discount New York lodging and easy access to Long Island all at once. Long Island City is located in the Queens borough, and on your way out to the far reaches of the island, you might choose to rest up at one of its hotels. Long Island's charming towns are a joy to visit, and they offer a relaxing counter to the bustling nearby metropolis. There are some pretty amazing Long Island hotels worthy of consideration, whether you stay close to the city, or head east out to The Hamptons and Montauk. There are Long Island hotels to fit any budget, from chain brands to 5-star luxury. We could further examine the options for hotels in New York City, but that could on for quite some time, so instead, we'll look at a few other New York state destinations.

About 150 miles north of New York City is the historic capital of Albany. The Capitol Building is a good place to start exploring Albany, and at some point, a trip to the New York State Museum will prove rewarding. This largest museum of its kind in the country is a great place to learn all about New York. No trip to Albany is complete without a stop at the Empire State Plaza, which was built at the request of past Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller. The Albany hotels consist of bed and breakfasts, full-service hotels, motels and motor inns mostly, and after a day spent exploring town, you will no doubt appreciate a good place to rest your head. Your best bet for discount lodging here is either near the airport, or on the outskirts of town. For a New York experience that is far away from what you will find back east, the western city of Buffalo is worth exploring. Besides nearby Niagra Falls, Buffalo boasts homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, a park system designed by the man who designed Central Park, and a ton of art galleries. The hotels in Buffalo NY consist mostly of chain brands that vary in quality, with the best found downtown. Being the state's second largest city, there are plenty of options for discount New York lodging at the lower-priced chain hotels in Buffalo NY, and if you want an especially charming option, you might try one of the area bed and breakfasts. The Mansion on Delaware Avenue is the oldest hotel in the city, and it is a prime consideration for those looking for hotels in Buffalo NY that are historic, but full of modern conveniences.

These featured destinations are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to places to explore in the state of New York. The upstate mountains present some of the most picturesque vistas you will see anywhere in the country, and the state's forests and lakes provide year round recreational playgrounds. Visit a small town, stay at an inn, and drop in on a summer festival. Or, head to the Lake Placid region, where practically every kind of hotel option awaits you. When looking for New York hotels, you can choose a mid-to-luxury priced hotel, a cozy bed and breakfast, a charming country inn, or a convenient motel. There are so many vacation possibilities in New York, so book your New York hotel soon, and become the next person to love New York.

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