Walking Tours of the Brooklyn Bridge

Walking tours of the Brooklyn Bridge are wildly popular. This has something to do with the fact that the bridge itself is a major New York City landmark, and it doesn’t hurt that tour guests have the opportunity to enjoy wonderful views of the Manhattan skyline and other notable landmarks along the way. Some Brooklyn Bridge tours take place during the day, while others are offered in the evening and nighttime hours, so prospective tour guests can choose accordingly.

On Brooklyn Bridge walking tours, guests are provide with all kinds of interesting facts about the grand structure. Therein lies much of the allure, and it only gets better when you consider the views of the bridge itself and other area landmarks. In addition to the Manhattan skyline, things that can be sighted from the bridge include the East River below, the nearby Manhattan Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and Governor’s Island. Many tours also see the guides pointing out wonderful Brooklyn Bridge Park, which opened its first phase along the waterfront in 2010 and has taken little time to become a hit among locals and tourists alike.

Around City Hall in the Lower Manhattan area is where the majority of the Brooklyn Bridge walking tours begin. Often times, food and beverages are included in the price. One tour includes a stop at a pizzeria, for example, while another promises the opportunity to wash down some snacks with hot chocolate, tea, or coffee.

Depending on the Brooklyn Bridge tour in question, guests might have to find their own way back to Manhattan once the proceedings come to an end on the Brooklyn side. In this event, the options can include taking the subway, hopping on a ferry, or walking back across the bridge. Generally speaking, it should only take about 25 minutes to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in either direction.

All kinds of NYC walking tours highlight the Brooklyn Bridge, so it isn’t necessary to limit yourself to the tours that focus on the bridge alone. On the more complete tours, guests can expect to get insight into the collective history of New York City, not just the history of the bridge, and there are opportunities to visit a number of other major landmarks. Private NYC walking tours can be arranged for those who prefer going that route as opposed to enjoying a group tour that is open to the general public.

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