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Though many NYC tourists don’t spend much time in city boroughs other than Manhattan, some savvy travelers are reversing that trend by choosing hotels in Brooklyn New York. Why Brooklyn hotels? Aside from just adding that offbeat twist to your New York vacation, there are a myriad of other reasons to opt for Brooklyn New York hotels when making a lodging decision. Many only experience Brooklyn as part of a New York City day trip, but staying here is an experience you may enjoy immensely.

Hotels in Brooklyn New York
Hotels in Brooklyn New York

First, Brooklyn hotels generally provide a refuge from the hustle and bustle that normally defines NYC lodging. After taking in Broadway shows or touring the frantic hustle of Grand Central Station, relax in Brooklyn. Many Brooklyn hotels are actually historic houses converted into quaint Bed and Breakfasts, giving the guest an authentic feeling of being home, a feeling that is understandably sought-after in the midst of the ultimate urban environment. Some Brooklyn New York hotels aren’t “hotels” at all, in the strict sense of the term. Your best bet can be to find a guest apartment in Brooklyn for you and your family to use during your stay. An apartment gives that home feel in a more private atmosphere than a Bed and Breakfast setting. And if you do some searching, this option can save you some money over other hotels in Brooklyn New York (and Manhattan, for that matter).

Also, Brooklyn New York hotels provide the unique experience of staying in NYC while enjoying the Manhattan night skyline from your room. Head to the Promenade in Brooklyn for the best skyline views in the city amid excellent old homes (one of which might be the Bed and Breakfast of your dreams). Usually taking in the skyline mid-vacation is reserved for the visit to the Empire State Building, but imagine enjoying a cup of tea watching the skyline flicker to life on the veranda of an incredible Brooklyn bed and breakfast, guest apartment, or hotel, reflecting on your day in NYC and planning for your next.

A few very notable B & B choices are Bed and Breakfast on The Park (located on beautiful Prospect Park West – amazing Victorian), Akwaaba Mansion (an unbelievable experience in Bedford-Stuyvesant – secluded garden and homestyle southern breakfast), or Honey’s Bed and Breakfast (featuring healthy organic cooking and a friendly family dog!). You won’t be disappointed if you can book a spot in these Brooklyn New York hotels that feel more like your home away from home.

If you opt for more traditional hotels in Brooklyn New York, there are also many choices, from luxury to budget. For the luxury experience without the Fifth Avenue price, check out Avenue Plaza Hotel in the heart of Borough Park. You’ll enjoy kitchenettes, balconies, jacuzzis, and many other extras that will confirm your decision to stay in one of the best Brooklyn hotels. For a traditional hotel with bold, cutting-edge modern look, check out the relatively new Hotel le Bleu in Park Slope. This one is not a bad deal among hotels in Brooklyn New York, for a real taste of hip in an excellent old neighborhood.

Choosing between hotels in Brooklyn New York can be difficult, because the options abound: do you want a feeling of home, a private apartment, or a regular hotel with Brooklyn attitude? In any case, Brooklyn hotels must be considered as a viable lodging choice as you plan your stay in the Big Apple.

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