Carnegie Deli

Carnegie Famous Deli
Carnegie Famous Deli

Carnegie Deli has been a New York tradition for generations. The family-run restaurant serves up a cornucopia of sandwiches and desserts in portions that are sure to impress. From the original in Manhattan, the Carnegie Deli has opened new locations in three U.S. casinos, including Foxwoods in Connecticut and the Sands Casino in Bethlehem (the one in Pennsylvania). The only Carnegie Deli outside the Northeast is in Las Vegas at the Mirage. No matter which location you’re frequenting, you can expect to find a meal you’ll be talking about long after it’s over.

The Carnegie Deli served its first meals in 1937, instantly gaining fans on their way to Broadway show. The Manhattan eatery is centrally located at 854 Seventh Avenue, right at 55th Street. It’s just minutes from many of NYC’s top tourist attractions, including the theaters of Broadway, Carnegie Hall, and Central Park.

Carnegie Deli New York
Carnegie Deli New York

The Midtown landmark has been run by the Park family even since the beginning. Now the third generation of Parks continues in the footsteps of Milton Parker, the first member of the family to run the Carnegie Deli. He co-owned the restaurant with Leo Steiner, who brought his delicatessen experience into the city from New Jersey.

Steiner’s recipes made fans of patrons both famous and anonymous. Steiner cooked for presidents, celebrities, and countless New Yorkers who wanted some good food. Plenty of tourists came to the deli, too, tasting Jewish food—Manhattan style—for the first time. The restaurant appeared in Woody Allen’s movie Danny Rose, an comedian Henny Youngman felt at home here. Still today, the walls are adorned with pictures of celebrities who’ve enjoyed a meal here, many of whom have a menu item named for them.

If you don’t know pastrami from a pickle or you cook matzoth ball soup twice a week, you’ll find something on the menu to suit. Vegetarians, kosher eaters, hearty appetites, traditionalists, movie buffs, and carnivores will all find something like on this menu. If you’re a light eater, you’ll need a box to deal with the large portions. But even if you can pack a way a big sandwich, you still might be surprised at how big these sandwiches are. If you feel like salmon, an egg sandwich, or one of those sky-high Rubens, you’ll find it here.

Plus, there’s side dishes like mashed potatoes and dill pickled tomatoes, plus home-style soups and cold cut platters. Traditionalist Jewish foods like chopped liver and gefilte fish are well represented as well, and they’re a great way to sample one part of the New York dining scene.

The beverage menu is packed with everything from fruit juices and tea to lemonade and beer. If you order a soda, you can upgrade to a souvenir cup to take home with you for a few dollars more. And then there’s dessert. How about a genuine New York egg cream or an ice cream soda? Deep-dish apple pie, carrot cake, and red velvet cake are served daily, along with brownies and rugelach. The Carnegie Deli is known around the world for its cheesecake, which it does, in fact, ship around the world. Deserts can be ordered online and shipped to addresses near and far. Desserts also can be ordered to go and packed up by the slice or the entire cheesecake.

The Carnegie Deli and its gift shop are open every day from 6:30 a.m. to 2 in the morning. Free delivery is available to locations in between 50th and 60th with Madison Avenue and 10th Avenue as the borders. Other locations in Manhattan work too, with a small delivery fee. 

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