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Central Park Boathouse Restaurant
Central Park Boathouse Restaurant
Central Park Summer
Central Park Summer

An oasis set amidst bustling Manhattan, Central Park in New York is a destination for both residents and visitors alike. At 843 acres, Central Park comprises 6% of the total area of Manhattan, and offers an array of activities, events and plain relaxation. Pastimes include ice skating at two park ice rinks, carriage rides throughout the park, and attending various park festivals year-round. Visitors can picnic on the expansive, well-maintained park lawns and people-watch. Central Park is host to countless athletic endeavors. Joggers run throughout the park, well-maintained ball fields accommodate games, and bicyclists and inline skaters enjoy the park's paved pathways. Central Park's Park Drive is open to automobile traffic during weekday commute hours only, and driver speed must be kept to 25 mph.

There are several attractions within park boundaries, including famous architecture and statuary.

On the East Side there is The Obelisk, or Cleopatra's Needle, the oldest public monument in North America. At the northern end of the Park you will find the Blockhouse, a fort from the War of 1812 still standing today. Historic Belvedere Castle, built in 1865 and offering stunning views of Central Park, houses a fully functional National Weather Station. Central Park in New York has been host to some of music's finest outdoor performances, including Paul Simon, Elton John, Dave Matthews and Bruce Springsteen. Pope John Paul II celebrated mass on Central Park's Great Lawn in 1995.

Central Park Map
Central Park Map

The Park Central Hotel in New York is one of New York City's finest hotels, located within walking distance to Central Park and midtown Manhattan. The Park Central boasts stunning cityscape vistas, stellar guest service, and proximity to some of Manhattan's must-visit attractions. The Park Central is situated directly across from Carnegie Hall in midtown New York City, and blocks from Times Square, the Theater District, and Rockefeller Center, and is a convenient walk or taxi ride to premier shopping on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue.

A trip to Central Park might not be complete without a trip to the Central Park Zoo. Open 365 days a year, Central Park Zoo is a world-class animal sanctuary, operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and whose renovation was completed in 1988, and has an acclaimed endangered-species breeding program. Central Park Zoo strives to replicate animals' habitats as closely as possible, and incorporates tropical, temperate, and polar zones for its tenants. The Central Park Zoo is popular with kids and families of all ages.

Take it from the vast numbers of New York City residents who visit this in-city park every day: Central Park in New York is a welcome respite from the harried pace of the city, and is a recommended part of any New York City vacation itinerary.

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