Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market, located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, is an enclosed urban complex, housing restaurants, shops, offices, and a media production facility. Originally the National Biscuit Company factory, the building was renovated and repurposed in the late nineties.

One of the most unique aspects of visiting Chelsea Market is a chance to visit the latest urban park landscape, an upcycled elevated railroad track. Initially constructed in the early 30s, the High Line was developed to remedy the onslaught of increasing car traffic to avoid train-vehicle accidents. In later years, rail traffic decreased dramatically, and the last train passed on the High Line in 1980, leaving it partially demolished and veritably abandoned. Today, the majority of trains in the city are underground. After being completely overhauled and refurbished over a partial segment of the track, the High Line Park was opened in the spring of 2009. Renovations will continue over the rails to create a continuous linear park between Javits Convention Center and the Meatpacking District.

Accompanying the anchor stores, Chelsea Market Baskets, Manhattan Fruit Exchange, BuonItalia, Anthropologie, and Buddakan, are a variety of delectable establishments throughout the market, including Chelsea Wine Vault, Ruth’s Bakery, Amy’s Bread, Fat Witch Bakery, Dickson’s Farmstand, Chelsea Thai, The Green Table, Friedman’s Lunch, and The Lobster Place. Additionally, patrons will find a selection of small shops selling cheese, chocolate, salts, olive oil, and flowers. With a television station resident in the building, Chelsea Market tends to receive the benefit of media exposure, and there are some Food Network shows that are filmed live at the market. Amongst the shop owners and restaurateurs, there has developed interdependent relationships, with produce and meat vendors providing restaurants with fresh ingredients. Combining production and retail within one establishment is a permissible practice in Chelsea Market, allowing small businesses to consolidate and become more efficient. 

Top image: Chelsea Market Facebook
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