Chinatown NYC


Chinatown NYC is a predominantly Chinese populated area in lower Manhattan, bordering the Lower East Side on the east side of Little Italy. Beginning with the very first Chinese immigrant, Ah Ken, who sold cigars on Park Row, quite successfully, so much so that cigar makers stepped into the area to get in on the action, the neighborhood attracted more immigrants of Chinese nationality, particularly to a boarding house, speculated to have belonged to Ah Ken.

Chinatown Manhattan
Chinatown Manhattan

Today, Chinatown has become an energetic, bustling neighborhood with restaurants, groceries, and plenty of great shopping. The district has increased in size so much that it has veritably swallowed Little Italy and now encompasses and infiltrates that particular neighborhood entirely; it has also begun to spread into Lower East Side, and the population has become more diversified, including more immigrants from Southeast Asia as well as China.

Chinatown NYC Food
Chinatown NYC Food

Shoppers can head over to Canal Street for a paradise of bargains and knock-off buys; Mott Street is another great place to get in a bit of shopping. Oftentimes, buyers will discover that Chinatown shops will only accept cash, so be sure to fill your wallet with the green stuff if you intend to make some purchases here. Particularly well known for its dining, the abundance of restaurants and the delicious cuisine to be found at each establishment makes Chinatown a popular place for many tourists and locals looking for an excellent meal at any time of day.

Chinatown NYC Shopping
Chinatown NYC Shopping

From the lively shopping areas to the delectable menus at the restaurants to the experience of being immersed in another world entirely, Chinatown is a must visit on the list of things to do during a visit to New York City.

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