Facts about the Chrysler Building

Some of the most interesting facts about the Chrysler Building relate to its design. The lofty structure first served as the headquarters of the Chrysler automobile company, and as such, it exhibits many decorations that were inspired by the automobile. The gargoyles that adorn its exterior were modeled after Plymouth hood ornaments, for example. Also worth noting as things relate to design is the fact that this Art Deco gem is considered by many architects and city residents to be among the most visually-appealing buildings in New York City.

The beauty of the Chrysler Building isn’t limited to the exterior portions. Especially worthy of note when it comes to the interior is the stunning Art Deco lobby. Amber, marble, and onyx are among the materials that were used to construct it, and Egyptian motifs provide attractive accents. Lobby visitors might also make note of the fresco on the ceiling. It depicts airplanes, buildings, and scenes that revolve around the Chrysler assembly line.

Historical facts about the Chrysler Building see the renowned structure serving as the Chrysler Headquarters from 1930 until the mid-50's. When it was completed in 1930, it was actually the tallest building in the world. This designation didn’t last very long, however. In 1931, the Empire State Building assumed that mantle. As for the height specifics of the Chrysler Building, its top floor sits at an elevation of 899 feet, while the roof rises to an elevation of 925 feet. Add in the antenna spire, and the total height comes to 1,050 feet. This makes it the tallest steel-supported brick building on the planet.

Chrysler Corporation founder Walter P. Chrysler overtook the lease of the Chrysler Building during the construction process and ultimately paid for the famous landmark himself. Part of the reason for this move was to ensure that his children would be the inheritors. Ultimately, the family ended up selling the building in 1953, and ownership has changed hands on more than one occasion. Regardless of who owns the Chrysler Building in the end, it continues to be one of the most recognizable features of the Manhattan skyline. For those who wish to get a closer look, Chrysler Building tours can be arranged.

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