Grand Central Station Map

A Grand Central Station map is available in the Main Concourse at the "I LOVE NEW YORK" booth. This is the unofficial motto of New York State and the official state song. At this booth, you can find out the layout of Grand Central Station and pick up information on other state destinations and things to do in New York City. Amazingly, Grand Central Station itself ranks as one of the top 10 most visited sites in the world, welcoming more than 20 million visitors per year.

The place is huge, and you will find that a Grand Central Station map will be most useful to you. Your first stop will be the Main Concourse, with its famous and beautiful astronomical ceiling that underwent a 12-year-long restoration beginning in 1998. Just off the main concourse, you will find the Vanderbilt Hall, which was originally the main waiting room. Today, it is used for special events. You can also reach the subway platforms from the Main Concourse, and these will take you to all the boroughs in the city. Below this are two lower levels where trains will take you to outlying areas as diverse as towns along the Hudson River and on Long Island. In fact, the trains and subways for the entire city and state can be accessed from here. There are restaurants and shopping outlets on the balcony overlooking the Main Concourse. Below the Main Concourse is the Lower Level with a full dining councourse, which includes the famouse Oyster Bar that opened for business at the same time as Grand Central Station - it is the terminal's oldest business.


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