Greenwich Village Hotels

Greenwich Village is a neighborhood full of winding streets and historical old homes that were once inhabited by famoust painters, poets, and musicians. Greenwhich village has been the home of the writer Jack Kerouac as well as the famous folk musician, Bob Dylan. You won't find any large Times Square style attractions in Greenwich village, but you will find a unique neighborhood full of small cafes and boutiques. New York University is located in the neighborhood, giving hotels in Greenwich village a laid back college type feel.

Greenwich village hotels offer moderate prices. They're not as expensive as Times Square hotels, but not as cheap as hotels in the Bronx or Staten Island. If you’re visiting New York University, there are a variety of hotels in Greenwich village that are nearby. The Abingdon guest house is located in a peaceful brownstone lined neighborbood at 13 Eighth Avenue. The Greenwich hotel New York City contains nine rooms, each with their own distinctive style. Some of the rooms have canopied four poster beds and skylights, while others feature hip faux fur rugs and textiles. Amenities include a coffee bar and access to a small garden. Rates start at $179 a night.

Washington Square hotel is another great choice for Greenwich Village hotels because it is located right on Washington Square Park of New York University, where live music and festivals are common. The hotel offers a complimentary continental breakfast, a fitness room, and massage and facial services. The hotel’s restaurant, the North Square Lounge, offers a jazz buffet every Sunday afternoon. Guests can dine on brunch while listening to the sounds of the New York City jazz scene. Rates for this option for hotels in Greenwich village starts at $250 a night.

For an affordable Greenwich Hotel New York City consider the Larchmont Hotel, located at 27 W 11th St. This choice for Greenwich Village hotels features small rooms decorated with bed and breakfast type furnishings. Every rooms comes complete with complimentary internet access, a cotton robe and slippers, a writing desk, and a mini library. Rates for the Greenwich hotel New York City range from $90 for a single room with a twin sized bed to $219 for a suite with a family room.

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