Greenwich Village Map

A Greenwich Village map can be a useful asset for exploring one of Manhattan’s historical neighborhoods. Because the Village was originally a rural settlement that was overtaken by the city many years after New York City was designed, the road system follows a different pattern than the planned grid of the rest of the city. When the Village was incorporated with the city, the existing streets were allowed to remain as they were initially positioned, many of them narrow and curving or one-way, resulting in a significant deviation from the tidy traffic scheme of Manhattan.Additionally, the configuration of the buildings are a stark contrast to the high rise towers of Mid and Downtown Manhattan, with charming low rise apartments, picturesque row houses, and quaint shops as the main structural vista of the neighborhood.

Situated on the southwestern region of the island, Greenwich Village is bordered by West Houston Street and SoHo to the south, West 14th Street and Chelsea to the north, Broadway and East Village to the east, and West Street and the Hudson River to the west, with New York University and Washington Square located near the center of the district. The neighborhood currently known as East Village was never united with Greenwich Village; however, the district is subdivided into distinct areas, including Washington Square, the West Village and the Far West Village. Much of the Village has come under the protective wing of the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission as a Historical District, and as such, the conservation of the buildings’ integrity and aesthetics is strictly enforced when developers make plans for progress in the neighborhood.

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