Harlem Hotels

Harlem is a diverse neighborhood of Manhattan whose neighborhoods are lined with historical Victorian brownstones and Harlem Hotels—some dating back to the early 1900’s. Harlem is full of parks and restaurants as well as trains and subways that will bring you to popular New York City attractions such as Madison Square Garden and the Empire State Building. Many people enjoy taking guided Harlem walking tours in order to learn about the rich history of the neighborhood and the different events that shaped Harlem’s past. If you’d like to experience Harlem’s charm for yourself, there are several cheap hotels in New York City located in and around Harlem. Harlem New York City hotels are full of character. Most Harlem New York City hotels are located in restored buildings that are adorned offer fun and interesting décor.

The Harlem Flophouse is one of your best bets for Harlem lodging or Harlem New York City hotels because it is inexpensive and the service is top notch. The charming brownstone building is located in a quiet neighborhood bordered by three parks. Central Park is located just south while Morningside Park is located to the west. The hotel was designed for artists, musicians, and performers to have a place to rest their head in between performances. Of course, you don’t have to be a performer to stay in one of their four large guest rooms. If you’re uncomfortable with Harlem hotels with shared bathrooms, you may want to look elsewhere. Although you’ll be required to share a bathroom with another room, each room does have its own sink. Rates range between $100 and $175 a night, depending on the season, which is a fantastic price range for Harlem hotels.

102 Brownstone is a boutique hotel located at 102 West 118th Street. The Harlem lodging option is a perfect choice for families that want to do some cooking on their vacation. The guest suites feature newly remodeled kitchens, luxury queen sized beds, complimentary wifi internet service, and dvd players. Each room has a slightly different decorative theme, setting 102 Brownstone apart from other Harlem Hotels and cheap hotels in New York. For example, one of the rooms, The “Zen” is decorated with the rules of feng shui in mind, while the “coffee” room is decorated with a palette of rich browns. Rates range from $175 to $275 a night and the hotel prefers that guests stay a minimum of two nights. There are some great restaurant hangouts near the hotel, including Jimbo’s, a burger joint that is rumored to have the best hamburgers in Harlem.

The Sugar Hill Harlem Inn is a historical bed and breakfast that will make you feel miles from the busy streets of Manhattan. The Victorian brownstone was built in 1906 in the Sugar Hill district of Harlem. In 2001, the Harlem lodging did a major renovation that modernized the guest rooms but kept the historical details of the building preserved. All of the rooms are decorated with furniture that reflects the time period of the home’s construction. Each room has a private bath and some even have private kitchens. If you’re allergic to cats, you should note that the hotel has a pet cat, but she is not allowed in the guest rooms. Rates start at $150 a night, which is considered on the low end for cheap hotels in New York.

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