Little Italy NYC

Little Italy NYC, located in lower Manhattan, New York, predominantly consists of Italian restaurants and shops. One of the most attractive aspects of this neighborhood is the delectable Italian cuisine that still remains in the various restaurants. The Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest tour is an exquisite sampling experience that combines culture, history, and cuisine throughout both regions, providing a fantastic New York City dining experience.

A most important celebration that dates back to 1926 takes place in Little Italy each year in September; originally a one day festival, the Feast of San Gennaro is now an 11-day gala that commemorates the Italian culture and community. Little Italy has historically been highly populated by Italian immigrants and citizens. Today, however, much of what was originally known as Little Italy has been infiltrated by Chinatown, which borders Little Italy at Bowery, and the Italian population in the area has decreased significantly, though a selection of fine Italian New York City restaurants still remain on Mulberry Street. The decrease in the Italian population in this neighborhood has been attributed to the relocation of individuals and families as they became more successful. With better financial circumstances, many have chosen to live in other areas, such as Queens and Brooklyn. While the ethnic population no longer reflects the designation of the area and together with Chinatown, the region is listed as a single historic district, the neighborhood continues to be affectionately referred to and enjoyed by many visitors and locals as Little Italy.

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