Manhattan New York

Manhattan New York is the core of the Big Apple – and this is meant in a positive way (not that it is the part of the city that should be discarded after enjoying the rest!). This borough of New York City is in fact the juiciest and most flavorful part of New York, so the comparison to an apple core is completely unfounded. Manhattan has much more to offer than just the beautiful sight of the New York City skyline at night (which is in essence the Manhattan skyline) that it is so famous for, and a week’s vacation here will only give you a small bite of life among the skyscrapers.

Manhattan is the metropolitan centerpiece of pretty much everything. Arts, entertainment, commerce, and culture all look to Manhattan New York as the central hub. Manhattan shopping is a major attraction to tourists visiting the island, in addition to viewing performances of opera, ballet, and, of course, Broadway productions. Home to dozens of distinct neighborhoods, several universities, and world renowned museums, Manhattan is a place to explore attentively – you don’t want to miss a thing. Make sure you hit the high points: Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Staten Island ferry to view the Statue of Liberty. But don’t stop there: dare to uncover some treasure that is far off the tourist-beaten paths.

Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge

The island’s early history is almost hard to believe due to the city that we see there today. Legend has it that Peter Minuit, an early Dutch settler, purchased the island in 1626 from local natives for trade goods equivalent to roughly 24 U.S. dollars. Today, this sum might buy a decent lunch for a hungry tourist amid a day of Manhattan shopping!

Speaking of Manhattan shopping, let’s examine a few places shopping enthusiasts flock to, and a few others that fly below the radar. To window shop (or to run up your platinum card), check out the stores on Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Every designer and luxury brand worth splurging on showcases its items on these world-famous streets. But you don’t have to be from Manhattan Beach (an extremely rich part of Southern California) to be able to afford Manhattan shopping! Head downtown (south) to the neighborhoods of SoHo and Nolita for less pricey shopping at non-chain stores that offer unique items. Head over to Bleecker Street in the West Village, or the Meat Packing District (don’t worry – it’s just a name) for loads of interesting bargains. You’ll find that a day of Manhattan shopping in these areas will leave you ready to collapse in the lawn of a nice Manhattan park.

If the weather permits, while you are in the neighborhood, do your collapsing in Hudson River Park in the West Village. Though it is lesser known than Central Park, it is perfect for lingering near the water with friends in the late afternoon, almost as though it is your own private Manhattan beach resort. As the sun disappears beyond the Hudson River, hail a cab and hit your hotel room to get ready for the nightlife that pulses below the surface of the sparkling Manhattan skyline.

Choose between Little Italy or Chinatown for authentic ethnic restaurants, or put your ear to the ground to learn the hottest new dining secret Manhattan has to offer (it changes weekly). As sunset becomes dusk, head to 34th street, for this is the best time to visit the Empire State Building for a stunning 360-degree view of the Manhattan skyline, just beginning to light up. After that, the possibilities are endless. A comedy club, the opera, a musical, or just a tour of the hotspots all make a suitable end to a Manhattan New York day.

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