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When you are planning your visit to unforgettable New York City , one thing that will greatly influence the flavor of your experience is your lodging choice. Though there are many options to consider, visitors to NYC overwhelmingly choose a Manhattan hotel for their stay in the city. A hotel in Manhattan NY is not just a place to stay, it is often a landmark woven into the history of the city . A Manhattan New York hotel that has character and history, at a price that matches your budget, will make your New York vacation that much more enchanting.

Of course, Manhattan hotel lore is part of America’s cultural identity. The midtown Manhattan hotel choices of luxury are endlessly referenced in popular culture, with many images of NYC hotels highlighting these properties. Whether you crave the sweeping Central Park views of The Plaza (itself a National Historical Landmark), the masterful Art Deco architecture of the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue, or the unmatched luxury excellence of the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton New York Central Park, Sheraton Manhattan at Times Square, and Trump International, a Manhattan New York hotel room that exceeds your highest expectations is waiting here for your patronage. Among these, the Waldorf Astoria gets the nod for anyone who wants a “grand hotel” experience on the east side, near the culture afforded by The Guggenheim and The Metropolitan Museum of Art .

Along with these top luxury choices, a midtown Manhattan hotel for those of us not in the rich/famous category is the traditional choice for most New York City guests. A plethora of Manhattan hotel options abound in Midtown, the area within walking distance to the most famous NYC sights and Broadway entertainment. If this standard choice is what you are looking for when you visit New York, check out “hotel row”: 44th street between 5th and 6th avenues. It is sure to meet your needs, allowing you to walk to the finest experiences that Manhattan has to offer. For a hotel near the Empire State Building that is very affordable, try the Red Roof Inn on 32nd (larger rooms at a smaller price).

Some general tips for finding a hotel in Manhattan NY at the price you want are: First, weekends are your friend for getting the best rates. Unlike almost everywhere else, Manhattan New York hotel use is highest during the week, due to the immense amount of business travelers that flock to the island’s commercial districts. When these corporate execs empty out of their rooms on Friday, ask for special rates to fill them up: Manhattan hotel managers don’t like to see rooms sit empty. Second, the season matters. Summer and post-Christmas winter are your best bets for securing a solid rate on a Manhattan New York hotel room.

For travelers looking to avoid the Midtown Manhattan hotel scene, and get a less touristy look at where New Yorkers actually hang out, eat, and play: venture away from the bright lights of Times Square and research a hotel in Manhattan New York that defies tradition. The neighborhoods of Chelsea, Greenwich Village, and the Upper West side provide very cool Manhattan hotel options. Explore the interesting places that surround your hotel of choice, and remember, your hotel in Manhattan New York is always a quick subway or cab jaunt to all the sights you want to check off your list, no matter which neighborhood you choose. Murray Hill will also satisfy a curious traveler who wants to discover a hip, lively area and enjoy a great hotel in Manhattan NY.

Whether you choose by ultimate luxury, location, or go by the hip-factor, a Manhattan hotel is the ultimate place of rest in the midst of your NYC adventure, as well as the best place to dream up the New York experience you will enjoy next.

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