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When people think of New York, the area that first comes to mind is Midtown West. Midtown West extends all the way from 30th street to the corner of 59th Street in Manhattan. Some of the things to do in Midtown West are visit Times Square and the neighborhoods of Hells Kitchen, the Garment District, and the Theater district. Midtown west hotels are the most desirable kind in New York City because seemingly everyone wants to be where the action is. You probably won't find very many cheap hotels in Midtown West New York City, but you will find Midtown West luxury hotels that are fit for a queen.

One choice for midtown west luxury hotels is the upscale London NYC hotel. The Midtown West hotels extremely modern décor with large windows providing great views of Manhattan. The services and amenities the hotel provides include a fitness center, a concierge service offering discounts on show tickets, and luxurious room amenities including plush bedding and a large array of bathroom toiletries. A restaurant owned by the famous Michelin Chef Gordan Ramsey is another highlight of the hotel. Guests can choose from well appointed guest rooms and suites in the intermediate price range.

The Hotel Wolcott was once known as one as one of New York's best kept bargain secrets. Located on 31st Street, the hotel is just 3 blocks from the Empire State Building. Each guest room features all of the amentities you"d expect at other Midtown West hotels, but at a fraction of the price (rates start at 150/night.) While the décor isn"t anything fancy, it is clean and comfortable. Head down to the lobby each morning for fresh coffee and donuts. The hotel markets itself towards families on a budget. As a result, you"ll probably meet many families exploring New York for the first time. The best part about the Hotel Wolcott, despite the modest price, is its close proximity to other fun parts of New York, such as Soho, Chelsea, and the Garment District. Public transportation is only 2 blocks away.

Another option for Midtown west luxury hotels is the Hotel Pennsylvania, located at 401 7th Avenue. If you"re taking the train into Penn Station, the hotel is just across the street. It's the fourth largest hotel in Manhattan, so you won't miss it. Along with the Midtown West hotels ideal Madison Square Garden location, the Hotel Pennsylvania has much to offer. First, the hotel is rich in hisory. Originally built by the Pennsylvania Railroad in 1919, it prides itself on having its phone number longer than anyone else in the city. Second, the Midtown west hotels rooms are affordable. During December and January, when tourism is at a low, rooms at the Hotel Pennsylvania start at 139 a night.

Hotels in Midtown West are just a short walk away from the trains and subways of New York, including Penn Station trains that travel to different destinations around New England, such as New Jersey, Boston, and Connecticut. No matter where you stay in Midtown West, the shopping and attractions that New York is famous for will be right outside your door.

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