New York City Hostels

New York City is one of the most expensive places in the world when it comes to looking for accommodation. For many travelers, New York City hostels present the perfect alternative to pricey hotels in the city. In general, hostels in New York City offer shared accommodation, such as a shared sleeping room, shared bathrooms, and often a shared kitchen. Although not all New York City hotels are alike, travelers can generally expect to pay less than they would for a hotel.

No matter where you stay, one important thing to remember when visiting hostels New York City is cash. Although many hostels in New York City will accept some major credit cards, some only accept cash, and most prefer it. You should never expect to write a check to pay for your youth hostel New York City stay. Some New York City hostels will provide bedding, but not most. As a rule it is a good idea to bring your own sleeping bag or single sheet and a blanket to use as your own bedding. Many backpackers choose to bring along a sheet since it takes up less space in a backpack.

One good example of a typical youth hostel New York City is the Malibu Hostel, located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This is one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods, and full-priced hotels here will always be expensive. The Malibu is a nice alternative, and even offers high speed internet service (for an hourly fee). Since this hostel is located close to Columbia University and just a few minutes from Times Square, the subway does service the Malibu. Prices vary depending on your room choice, but all choices will be under $50 per night. The hostel only takes cash, and has a 14 night maximum stay limit.

Another of the best hostels New York City is the Hostelling International New York City, which is part of a larger chain of hostels found throughout the world. Located close to Central Park, Hostelling International focuses on practical travel needs, and is one of the few hostels in New York that offer both a towel service and clean linens for bedtime. This hostel also features air-conditioning, which can be a life-saver on those hot New York nights. Free in-room lockers are available to keep belongings safe while you explore the city during the day, and the hostel also offers 24-hour check-in services.

One thing that these New York hostels, and almost every youth hostel New York City, has in common is the idea of shared space. Although the rare hostel may offer private rooms, they aren’t the norm. Most of the time, hostels in New York City will feature a sleeping dorm, where bunk beds provide the sleeping space for anywhere from 10 to 60 people, depending on the size of the hostel. Shared bathrooms are also the norm, and it is a good idea to bring along your own towel. Most hostels do not offer towels or towel service. Some hostels will have on-site laundry service (you will need to pay), which gives dirty travelers a chance to clean up their gear for a few dollars in change.

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