New York City Restaurants

New York City Restaurants
New York City Restaurants

New York City restaurants are vastly numerous and offer a glance inside just about every culture from around the globe. From Little Italy to Chinatown, all areas of New York City are graced with just about every type of cuisine, though each district specializes in the fare from its originating country. You will find everything from fine dining in restaurants frequented by celebrities, to pub fare a delis, street food, and everything in between. Whether it’s a quick snack while exploring the city or an evening with friends, New York City dining is a gastronomical experience unlike any other that brings the world home.

Chinatown Restaurants

Chinatown Restaurants
Chinatown Restaurants

Generally affordable, friendly, and accommodating, Chinatown restaurants offer delicious fare from a variety of regions in China, such as Cantonese, Dim Sum, and Congee. New York City’s Chinatown is the largest Chinese American settlement in the country, a population that has been established and increasing since the late 19th century. In addition to the restaurants, Chinatown is great for exploring and shopping, including Asian groceries and traditional apparel and souvenirs.

Little Italy

Little Italy
Little Italy

Bordering Chinatown at Bowery, Little Italy has historically been highly populated by Italian immigrants and citizens. Today, however, much of what was originally known as Little Italy has been infiltrated by Chinatown, and the Italian population in the area has decreased significantly But a selection of fine Italian New York City restaurants still remain on Mulberry Street. In September every year, the Italian community congregates on Mulberry for the eleven day Feast of San Gennaro, commemorating the Italian culture - one of the many fascinating and colorful New York City events. Additionally, a Chinatown and Little Italy Food Fest tour is an exquisite sampling experience that combines culture, history, and cuisine throughout both regions, providing a fantastic New York City dining experience.


Although the population of Brooklyn is diverse, one of the largest concentrations is Orthodox Jewish in Borough Park of Brooklyn, where a variety of restaurants and establishments offer delicious kosher meals. While you’re in the area, drop by Brooklyn’s Brewery to quench your thirst and sample some of the local brews. Brooklyn beers are so special, because while there are the perennial beers that are sold throughout the year, the brewery designs and sells specialty beers for each of the seasons, such as Black Chocolate Stout and Brooklyn Winter Ale for the winter months; Brooklyn Monster Ale for late autumn throughout winter; Brooklyn Dry Irish Stout; available in February and March in celebration of the St. Patrick’s Day season; Brooklyn Summer Ale for the hot months of summer; and Brooklyn Oktoberfest in celebration of the late summer and autumn seasons.


The population of Queens is particularly diverse, and as such, the cuisine in this borough reflects this variety of culture. Each of the local neighborhoods is often concentrated with a particular ethnicity, offering an abundance of delicious fare from that background; Bellerose boasts an ever growing population of Indian-Americans, while Rockaway Beach and Woodside plentifully populated with Irish-Americans, both offering a plethora of delectable delights from their traditional background.

Street Food

New York City street food is no longer just hot dogs, pizza slices, and pretzels. Today, gourmet carts and trucks are strewn about this humming city with mouth-watering cuisine from all corners of the world. Just as in any place of dining, use courteous habits; mistakes can be made when attention is divided between cell phone conversations and placing orders, although any good owner of a street food cart or truck will adjust to any situation to please their customers. Scrumptious reputations spread like wildfire for New York City restaurants and street food, and oftentimes, the best fare is found at the establishments with the longest lines, making them well worth the wait.

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