New York City Tours

A New York tour is a good idea if you are a first-time visitor or have visited before. The city is huge, bustling, and imposing to the unseasoned visitor, and tours will help bring any newcomer up to speed and in the know about The Big Apple. For those who have previously visited, this huge metropolis changes constantly, and a seasoned visitor will get a good overview of what's new. New York City travel on one's own, especially by car, can be daunting, not to mention expensive and with hard-to-find parking. Leaving your New York City tour up to the professionals will enhance your vacation, and, moreover, your relaxation.

Any general tour of New York will include the standards: The Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, the Museum Mile, Times Square, and other iconic landmarks. Just about every New York City tour will include expert narration by New York City experts, and are efficiently designed to maximize time and minimize hassle. A single tour of New York, or several, can easily be rolled into almost any visit, will be well worth the scheduling effort, and will help you better understand how to spend you valuable New York travel time.

Bus Tours

New York City bus tours, whether in an air-conditioned luxury coach or in the open air on a double-decker bus, allow you to gawk at the sights without having to worry about the legendary traffic. This kind of New York City travel is usually a panoramic overview, although stops may be made along the way. A traditional stop could be at the Empire State Building, long enough for passengers to disembark and ride the elevator to the top. Another traditional stop is Battery Park, where passengers can disembark to take the boat to Liberty and Ellis Island. 

Food Tours

A New York City tour that concentrates on food will often be led by an expert food critic or restauranteur. The city is known for its fine dining, and a food tour of New York City will generally include one or two famous dining venues - such as the Russian Tea Room (opened in 1927) on West 57th Street on the southern boundary of Central Park.

Segway Tours & Walking Tours

A Segway or walking tour of New York City each provide a method of seeing things up-close that might often be missed from the seat of a bus. Popular areas for this kind of New York City travel include Central Park, Times Square, Greenwich Village, and the Theater District. Often, museums like the Museum of Natural History are on the itinerary. 

Boat Tours

Most people think of Manhattan for a New York city tour, and since the borough is an island, boat tours are very popular. This kind of New York City travel gives one the best views of the city's incredible skyline. Boat tours also provide pretty much the only way to get to Ellis Island and America's symbol, the Statue of Liberty.

Helicopter Tours

While boat tours give you a fabulous perspective, soaring over the Big Apple on a helicopter New York City tour is a spectacular experience. This kind of New York City tour usually lasts no more than about 20 minutes, giving you ample time to take in the incredible views.

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