One World Observatory

The One World Observatory experience includes more than just enjoying the amazing views. Of course, the views of Manhattan unfolding in front of you in all directions is certainly the star attraction. You can even see as far as Brooklyn, the Bronx and beyond. The vastness of the views has a lot to do with One World Observatory’s lofty location near the top of One World Trade Center – 285 Fulton Street.

Before you actually get to gaze out over the Big Apple, your One World Observatory experience begins with access to a “welcome hall” that is equipped with a video wall. The video shows people who were involved in the construction of One World Trade Center discussing the project and its significance. From there, it’s into the Sky Pod elevators, which shoot you up to the observatory in just 47 seconds. During the ride, the video panels in the elevators depict simulated time-lapse presentations of New York City history. When the elevators reach One World Observatory, it’s on to the See Forever Theater, where a two-minute video about New York City provides even more depth to your overall experience. Other features of the Observatory include the Sky Portal and City Pulse. The Sky Portal is an area that has a 14-foot circular disc that you can stand on. Under your feet are video screens that show real-time images of the streets below. City Pulse is an innovative video monitor center with a concierge who offers insight into the landmarks and neighborhoods that can be seen from the Observatory.


One World Observatory Ticket
One World Observatory Ticket

One World Observatory tickets are available for purchase in person at the One World Trade Center box office. For best availability, however, it is recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance either online or via your mobile device. It is important to note that the general admission tickets for One World Observatory are timed and dated. Should you opt to purchase these standard tickets, you can select from specific 15-minute intervals during the regular operation hours. Regular hours for the observatory are 9 AM to 8 PM, though there are special holiday and summer hours, so it is a good idea to check the schedule in advance when planning your visit.

Promo Codes

One World Observatory Promo Code
One World Observatory Promo Code

Promo codes may be available when purchasing your One World Observatory tickets, so it is a good idea to check on that as well when making your purchase. Such codes, which are often featured under a specific tab on the ticket purchasing page, offer discounts and incentives on observatory experiences. You can also peruse all of the ticket packages to select the best overall experience for you. Some One World Observatory tickets come with VIP expedited entry, for example. Others feature a “flex” option that allows for more leeway than the standard tickets when it comes to visitation times. Group tickets are also available.


One World Observatory tickets allow for access to eateries on the 101st floor. Coincidentally, this floor is also where you can take souvenir photos. The dining options include stopping at a “grab and go” counter that serves up sandwiches and such, getting a seat at the bar and grill or sitting down at the fine dining establishment. Even if you are just planning on heading up to One World Observatory for food and drinks, you will have to pay the general observatory admission fee. Of course, you can also interest yourself in a dining experience at any of the area restaurants before or after your Observatory visit. This is New York City, after all, where you don’t have to go very far to find something good to eat or drink.

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