Penn Station Map

A Penn Station map, or information on the station's layout in general, can be acquired at the station itself. There are several information booths that offer such maps or advice – the main one being found near the Amtrak ticketing area. In addition to offering tips on the layout of Penn Station, these information booths offer info on such things as the NYC attractions and hotels. Also worth noting is the fact that police officers and Port Authority officials have a presence at Penn Station and are known to be very helpful when it comes to directions and things the like. Those who prefer navigating Penn Station themselves can rely on the numerous signs that are in place throughout the station. One such sign leads the way to Madison Square Garden, which like Penn Station, is part of the larger Pennsylvania Plaza complex.

If you consult a Penn Station map, the first thing that you might notice is that the station is wedged between 34th Street on the north side, 31rst Street to the south, 7th Avenue to the east, and 8th Avenue to the west. The main Amtrak ticketing hub, or concourse, is found on the station’s upper level just off 31rst Street. This part of the Penn Station complex is also where you will find the New Jersey Transit platform, or concourse, which has its own separate entrance at West 31rst Street and can also be accessed by going through the Amtrak concourse. The Amtrak trains are intercity trains that travel between NYC and such destinations as Boston, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. The New Jersey Transit trains travel between Penn Station and several New Jersey destinations, including Montclair and Trenton.

The third main concourse at busy Penn Station is the Long Island Rail Road Concourse. If you are looking at a Penn Station map, it runs just below West 33rd Street between 8th and 7th Avenues. The LIRR trains travel between Penn Station and any number of Long Island destinations, including Montauk. As is true of the other main platforms, the LIRR platform features shops and restaurants that travelers can take advantage of.

In relation to the layout of Penn Station, it should be noted that within the complex are access points to three New York City subway stations. One of these stations is on the 8th Avenue side. The other two are found on the 7th Avenue side. Travelers can also access NYC bus stations from the Penn Station complex by venturing up to the street level, and just one block away at Herald Square (33rd Street and 6th Avenue) is a Port Authority Trans-Hudson station. The Port Authority Trans-Hudson rapid transit trains travel between Manhattan and the New Jersey destinations of Jersey City, Newark, Harrison, and Hoboken.

Finally, Penn Station visitors can also access BoltBus stops with ease. One of the stops for this discount bus company is found at 33rd Street and 7th Avenue, while the other is situated at 34th Street and 8th Avenue. The BoltBus buses run intercity routes, with possible destinations including Baltimore, Washington D.C., and Boston.

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