Russian Tea Room

The Russian Tea Room is one of the most distinguished dining venues in New York City, established in 1927 by some members of the Russian Imperial Ballet. An elite dining experience awaits guests of this fine establishment, where many well known faces has sat and even worked before they found fame. These include actor Dustin Hoffman during the filming of Tootsie, and Madonna, who worked in the coat check as a young woman.

With the sole purpose of seeing that special place where the celebrated members of society have been present, many visitors from around the world have passed through the magnificent revolving doors. Once inside, however, the splendor snags the vision, and the history of several distinctive ornaments captures the imagination. In addition to the main dining room, where the red Christmas balls have remained on the chandeliers year round since the 1960s, the Russian Tea Room hosts several other dining and event rooms, including the Bear Room, the Bear Ball Room, and the Hearth Room, each with special décor to complement the name. . In the Russian culture, the bear has been and remains an important symbol, generally appearing as a benevolent protagonist of a masculine character.  This tradition appears within the Russian Tea Room in the Bear Room , which is graced with a unique bear shaped aquarium, home to a parrot fish, and the Bear Ball Room, which is adorned with mirrors etched with images of dancing bears. Elegance, sophistication, and style are synonymous with this fine New York City restaurant, where guests are offered opulent surroundings and unrivaled fine dining.

This historic restaurant, opened in 1927, is located in Manhattan at the south end of Central Park.

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