St Patrick's Cathedral New York

St. Patricks Cathedral New York is a major Roman Catholic Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan , located on the famous Fifth Avenue between 50th and 51st Streets, just across from Rockefeller Center and near Central Park . Saint Patricks Cathedral is the largest Catholic cathedral in the United States, and is a must-see for any visitor to New York City who is either Catholic or just loves great church history and architecture. Take a break from that great New York shopping and come into St Patricks Cathedral for a moment of peace.

The cornerstone for the famous church was laid in 1858, just before the United States Civil War. The construction went rapidly until the combination of the Civil War and a lack of funds slowed St Patricks Cathedral progress immensely. Finally completed in 1878, St Patricks Cathedral is made of white marble, and was in a recent survey ranked 11th out of 150 choices of America’s favorite buildings. The gothic-style exterior sets this beloved structure apart, making St Patricks Cathedral New York one of the most visually recognizable places of worship in the world, and a mainstay of many New York City tours.

Saint Patricks Cathedral
Saint Patricks Cathedral

Today the building is dwarfed by the myriad of skyscrapers that shoot upward all around Saint Patricks Cathedral, but at the time of its completion, St Patricks Cathedral visually dominated the skyline of Midtown Manhattan. The visual wonders are not confined to the building’s exquisite exterior, however. Inside, some of the notable treasures you will find is a gorgeous altar crafted by Tiffany and Company (another 5th Avenue landmark), as well as a bust of Pope John Paul II in the rear of St. Patricks Cathedral which commemorates his 1979 visit to New York.

If you are interested in observing Catholic Mass at St. Patricks Cathedral, come just about any time, for there are several Masses per day for your participation. St Patricks Cathedral New York is also a great place for some quiet prayer or reflection, perhaps after you return to Midtown Manhattan following a visit to the World Trade Center site in the financial district, making for a very reflective New York City day trip . However you choose to quietly and respectfully use the space here, visitors are always welcome at St Patricks Cathedral.

In additon to celebrating Mass, reflecting, praying, and viewing architecture and sculpture, Saint Patricks Cathedral is also home to choir or organ concert performances open to the public. To come and enjoy the music inside this sacred place may be just what you need in the midst of your New York City vacation. Browse the St Patricks Cathedral official website in order to view the concert series calendar before you arrive in New York.

St Patricks Cathedral also encourages visitors and parish members alike to participate in the tradition of lighting a candle to represent the intention of your prayer or remember a loved one. This can be a quite powerful way to make your visit to Saint Patricks Cathedral a personal and sacred time for you.

Whether you are listening to music, celebrating Mass, seeing the visual treasures that reside here, or simply taking a moment of silence, St Patricks Cathedral New York is a simple, beautiful choice among New York City attractions .

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