Statue of Liberty Facts

There are scores of interesting Statue of Liberty facts to consider. Many of these facts relate to the structure’s immense size. From the base of the pedestal to the top of the torch, for example, the lofty monument measures 305 feet and six inches. The face alone is eight feet tall, and Lady Liberty’s index finger is a little more than eight feet long. In regards to weight, the famous New York City statue is a hefty 450,000 pounds.

As far as the history of the Statue of Liberty is concerned, the famous monument to freedom was officially dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue itself was constructed in France, while the pedestal was made in the United States. President Grover Cleveland presided over the dedication ceremony. This is somewhat odd when you consider the fact that the same president vetoed a bill that was intended to provide funds for the statue in 1884.

Certain facets relating to the design of the Statue of Liberty are worth pointing out. One such example is the crown that tops Lady Liberty’s head. It features seven rays–one for each of the world’s continents. For those who might be wondering about the tablet in the statue’s left hand, it is inscribed with the date of the Declaration of Independence, or July 4, 1776. Another design highlight is in reference to the broken chains and shackles that lie at the statue’s feet. These mechanisms of restraint represent tyranny and oppression. Lady Liberty herself was modeled after the Roman goddess of freedom–Libertas.

No discussion about interesting Statue of Liberty facts would arguably be complete without mentioning the greenish color of the monument. Originally, the statue’s exterior exhibited a rather dull copper color. This is due to the fact that it is sheathed in copper. As copper tends to do when exposed to the elements, the exterior of the Statue of Liberty eventually started to turn green. The green patina began to spread in and around the year 1900, and by 1906, the entire statue had changed color.

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