Central Park Summerstage

Central Park Summerstage is the name given to a series of concerts given throughout the summer in New York City. Although the festival began as only a Central Park event, it extended to all five boroughs as of 2010. The Mainstage at Central Park still hosts some of the largest concerts by internationally known recording artists.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of the entire Summerstage New York City concept is that it is free. Most of the concerts throughout the summer are privately funded and may be enjoyed by the general public at no cost with the exception of some of the bigger shows on the Mainstage in the park.

Central Park Summerstage Festival History and Facts

Central Park Summerstage 2023 will continue the tradition of this festival that began in 1986 at Rumsey Playfield. The festival has played host to some of the most notable artists from a broad spectrum of genres including rock, hip hop, R & B, funk, and much more. Just a few of the notable past performers include David Bowie, Sonic Youth, Patti Smith, the Black Keys, and the Flaming Lips. The City Parks Foundation in New York City has brought over 2,000 performances to the various stages around the city as this summer event has grown each and every year over the past decades. Another appealing aspect of Summerstage New York City is that it is located in the heart of one of the most vibrant cities on the globe. Residents and tourists alike have access to amazing dining, entertainment, shopping, and hundreds of guest accommodations.

Tickets to Central Park Summerstage

A huge draw of many of the shows held around the city in conjunction with Summerstage is that they are free. You can see bands, DJs, and performers of all kinds at a number of venues (both indoors and outdoors) in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the other boroughs. Some of the headlining acts on the Mainstage in Central Park cost money in advance of the show. You might imagine that it is no small feat to provide free tickets for artists the likes of David Bowie. The fact remains that most of the shows in the course of a busy summer events schedule are free.

Directions to Central Park Summerstage

There is no one location for Summerstage anymore. Ever since 2010, it has become an event that encompasses the whole city. Many of the best shows still take place in Central Park, but you will need to stay current with which parks and venues are hosting which shows, as this information changes from year to year. The dates of shows also change, as well as the times. Central Park is situated in the very center of Manhattan.

Lodging near Central Park Summerstage

The possibilities for accommodations are virtually limitless, especially in this part of New York City. NYC offers something for absolutely everyone, from luxury hotels and boutique accommodations to budget motels and even hostels, though, don’t expect rock-bottom prices in this town. You should have no trouble finding the exact kind of accommodation that suits you and your group. There are many Central Park hotels as well as a host of options throughout the city’s other boroughs, including Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx.

Image: Laura Hanifan
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