Things to Do in New York City

Few cities in the world have as many tourist attractions as New York City. If you find yourself bored in the city that never sleeps, it certainly won’t be New York’s fault. There are so many iconic attractions in this city, and images of the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, and Central Park are among the most recognizable landmarks in the US.

Times Square

The bright lights of the big city. Even at 4 am, this giant square is the epicenter of New York City , the skyscrapers, ads and giant televisions all combining to block out the darkness of early morning. The busiest intersection in the city, the combination of art and corporate presence is another of the square’s defining features, and no matter what time you come by, it’s one of the most popular New York City tourist attractions, day or night.

Empire State Building

Getting to the top of this building is one of the most well-known things to do in New York City. Located on the fabled Fifth Avenue, it rises almost a quarter mile into the air and is one of the most recognizable landmarks of the city, especially when it's on display in the New York City skyline at night . The best views of New York are from the observation decks here, and almost no one comes home from the city without pictures of one of the most famous New York City attractions.

The Met

Located on the Eastern edge of Central Park , taking a tour of the Metropolitan Museum of Art is an absolute must when it comes to things to do in New York City. The home of America’s most important art collection, the admittance fee is cheap and the artistic wonders plentiful. Combined with a stroll through Central Park, this is a great way to spend an afternoon in the big city.

Greenwich Village

The Village - as it is colloquially known - is one of the best New York City tourist attractions. During the day, it has a long stretch of popular hangouts like Washington Square and quiet brownstone-lined streets, while at night, it is transformed into one of the best centers of nightlife in the city. And that’s really saying something.

Central Park

Things to do in New York City - Central Park
Things to do in New York City - Central Park

This enormous park is another of New York City’s enduring landmarks. Outside of it being completely free, there are a number of other reasons a walk through Central Park is one of the top things to do in New York City. There’s a zoo, a sprawling reservoir, mile after mile of expertly crafted lawns and there’s always some kind of gathering going on.

Rockefeller Center

A collection of skyscrapers stretching from 48th to 51st, every building in Rockefeller Center is famous for something - probably none more so than the Radio City Music Hall. During the winter, the adjacent ice skating rink is the biggest New York City tourist attraction in Rockefeller Center.

Broadway Theater District

Thirty nine theaters make up Broadway, the New York City attraction that is synonymous with the best that American theater has to offer. Or, at least, the most well-known. At any time of the year, the America’s most talented and well-respected performers take up residence in one of the theaters, bringing to life plays and musicals for tourists from all across the world. Tickets are not always easy to come by, so make sure you do some research ahead of time before heading off to Broadway.

Statue of Liberty

The essential symbol of everything America stands for, this is certainly the most patriotic of New York City attractions. Take a ferry to Ellis Island and see Lady Liberty for yourself.

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