New York Trains and Subways

New York trains and New York City subways represent big-city design ingenuity and can be an integral part of any New York City vacation. Sophisticated and complex, the New York trains and New York City subways are a model for not only other US cities, but for the world as well.

Seeing New York by train, whether upstate or in and around New York City, is a pleasurable way to see much of what New York has to offer. Booking an Amtrak reservation from any New York train station is convenient and the destination lineup includes everything from New York City's five boroughs to Poughkeepsie. New York by train is less expensive, and often less time-consuming, than traveling by air, and the many user-friendly routes ensure that your destination is on the itinerary. Amtrak offers train service from Boston to Washington DC, and all major points in-between.

New York Trains and Subways
New York Trains and Subways

New York City subways present a speedy, efficient, and classic way to get around all of New York City. New York City subways are an extensive system of primarily underground travel that whisks New York City residents and visitors around the city with ease. New York City mass transit is an unrivaled phenomenon, with nearly 8 million people commuting by New York City subways and buses each day. Seeing the city by subway is not only less expensive than a taxi cab, but it also offers the visitor a glimpse into New York City subculture.

New York City subways offer a convenient, safe, and user-friendly mode of transportation to the New York City visitor. Most New York City attractions lie directly above or nearby a subway station, and fare-paying has been made easy by New York City's Metro Card, whereby users can upload any amount of advance fare via credit card, and simply swipe the card when entering the terminal. When entering any subway station, check the sign above the entrance to make sure it's open. Each New York City subway is clearly labeled with a route number or letter, and destination information. Upcoming stops are announced, and most subway cars post maps detailing routes.

New York trains whisk riders to various points in and around both New York City and upstate, and seeing New York by train is a great way to relax and let someone else do the driving. New York City subways, with their art, musicians, and colorful characters, in and of themselves make for a vacation destination.

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