New York City Buses

New York transportation, in and around both upstate and New York City, is a model system for the rest of the country and the rest of the world.

New York City transportation is a complex system of countless subways, buses, taxis, and even rickshaws, and travel to New York City is made much easier by this system. A New York taxi can be hailed any time day or night, and New York taxi service is offered throughout New York City"s five boroughs.

New York Transportation
New York Transportation

Mass transit is alive and well in New York City, as evidenced by the vast number of city residents who don't own a car. New York transportation, specifically within the New York City limits, is a sophisticated, well-oiled machine that makes living in and visiting New York City all the more enjoyable. Grand Central Terminal, built in 1913, now referred to as the 42nd Street-Grand Central Station, is a giant hub of train and subway activity in New York City.

A subway can be a much less expensive alternative to New York taxi cabs. While it's always a good idea to keep one's eyes open, the New York City subway system is a relatively safe mode of transport, thanks to conductors who ride in the front and in middle cars, and strategic police patrols.

Navigating the New York City subway system is a relative breeze, thanks to The Metropolitan Transit Authority. Subway stations are located throughout the city, and whisk passengers to various destinations and points of interest. When entering any subway station, check the sign above the entrance to make sure it's open. Each New York City subway is clearly labeled with a route number or letter, and destination information. Upcoming stops are announced, and most subway cars post maps detailing routes.

Travel to New York is made easy by the state's extensive airport system. New York City itself is serviced by three major international airports---John F. Kennedy, La Guardia, and Newark in neighboring New Jersey---and there is speculation of adding a fourth. Upstate New York offers, among others, Buffalo Niagara International and Syracuse Hancock International airports.

New York bus tours are available both in-city and upstate, and are an economical, and often informative, way to see New York State. Tour guides, who provide narration during your New York travel itinerary, often accompany busses.

Thanks to the stellar New York transportation system, travel to New York is a pleasurable experience that will enhance any New York vacation.

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