Wall Street

Wall Street is more than just an eight-block-long avenue in Lower Manhattan’s Financial District. You might go as far as to call it the epicenter of the financial world. For it is at 11 Wall Street that you will find the mighty New York Stock Exchange. The largest securities trader in the world, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is a place where billions of dollars change hands and markets around the globe are influenced to great degree. Trading on what is now Wall Street actually started in the late 1700s with the swapping of U.S. Bonds among merchants. By 1903, stocks of publicly held companies were being traded at the NYSE.

There is quite a history to this road that runs west to east between Broadway and South Street. This history is part of what makes Wall Street a popular NYC tourist attraction. Tours of Wall Street can be arranged by those who want to learn more about this history while also gaining insight into the financial perspective of New York City and how it is influenced by the New York Stock Exchange. These tours tend to come with insider stories and are very much worth considering when planning visits to the area. It should be noted that the NYSE itself is no longer open to public tours.

Hotels Near Wall Street

Wall Street NYC Hotels
Wall Street NYC Hotels

Wall Street is both a major business center and a popular tourist destination. As such, the area hotels are in demand among business and leisure travelers alike. Only one hotel is found on Wall Street proper. This hotel is the Andaz Wall Street (pictured). Situated at 75 Wall Street, to be more exact, the Andaz is chic and comfortable and offers rooms that are very livable. That’s not something that you can say about a lot of New York City hotels. Other quality hotels in the area include the Holiday Inn Express New York City/Wall Street, which is found at 126 Water Street, and the Wall Street Inn at 9 South William Street. It is interesting to consider that the hotels on or near Wall Street are known to lower their rates on weekends. This reflects the tendency of business travelers to filter out once the weekends arrive, and it can work in favor of weekend tourists who are looking for good Manhattan lodging deals.

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