Suggested Itineraries for New York

While suggested itineraries for New York will always have the city of New York at the top of the list, the state of New York actually has much more to offer. More, in fact, then even many of its residents dare to explore. North of Manhattan and beyond the sprawling metropolis that comprises one of the greatest cities in the world is the softer, more natural side of New York. Glamorous in its own way, travelers who have the time will enjoy including both the city and the state in their New York itinerary.

Suggested itineraries for New York:

1-3 Days

With only a day or two to spend in the state, you should head for New York. Suggested itineraries for New York recommend the city for a reason. Or, for many reasons; the Statue of Liberty, Manhattan, the Empire State Building, the shopping, the dining, and so much more make New York one of the most iconic cities in the world. While truly getting a feel for the city can take a life time, if you just have a few days in New York go to the city. You can catch a show, do some shopping, eat a meal, and take time to tour the Museum of Modern Art, see a Yankees game, check out the Guggenheim, go to Rockefeller Center or Times Square, or just have a picnic in Central Park.

4-7 Days

With multiple days, you will still want to spend time in New York. Once your New York City itinerary card is full, you will also have time to move beyond the bounds of the city. Niagara Falls is highly recommended. Niagara Falls is truly one of the most stunning sights in the world, and no travel who has heard the mighty roar of the water regrets making the trip. A number of Niagara Falls hotels are located in the area for tourists hoping to stick around for a day or two. Not far from Niagara is the city of Buffalo, which is another recommended stop for your New York itinerary. Guests may find that Buffalo hotels are less expensive then hotels right near the falls, and this can be a great way to see both areas.

7+ Days

If you have time to plan a New York itinerary that lasts a week or more, you will have time to see much of the state. In addition to your New York City itinerary, you can spend time in Long Island, Coney Island, and even check out the famous Ellis Island if you are so inclined. You will also have time for a tour of the Adirondacks and all that the North Country has to offer. In northern New York State, you may be surprised to find forests and a collection of fishable lakes. Lake Placid and the Thousand Islands can be seen from on board the Adirondack Scenic Railroad tour, and myriad of quaint hotels are nestled throughout the trees and along the byways.

Time spent in New York can be time spent well. Planning a New York city itinerary or an itinerary that takes you through the entire state can be equally rewarding. The best way to see the state of New York is with plenty of time, but you’ll be sure to have plenty to do no matter how much time you have.

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