Thousand Islands Fishing

Thousand Islands fishing is known for its quality. As such, many visitors to this island region on the New York-Ontario border look to do some angling at some point during their trip. As for what they can expect to catch, New York State records for Atlantic, chinook, and coho salmon have all been set in eastern Lake Ontario, and plenty of other fish species inhabit the area waters. April to November is the fishing season.

Between eastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River, angling enthusiasts should have little trouble finding their fishing bliss. King salmon are just one more salmon species that is commonly caught in the waters of eastern Lake Ontario, for example, and these waters are also home to steelhead, lake trout, and walleye. In the waters of the St. Lawrence River, it is once again possible to snag some walleye, and anglers can also cast their lines in hopes of catching some perch, pike, bass, and muskellunge. In other words, variety is pretty much the name of the game when it comes to Thousand Islands fishing.

A number of fishing charters are based in the Thousand Islands region. They offer all kinds of great package deals, the likes of which can include such things as a special dining experience or a stay at one of the Thousand Islands hotels. Alexandria Bay is the base for many of these charters, and the village of Clayton is a good place to start if you have less expensive excursions in mind. Fishing at a regional park is also an idea, and anglers can always venture out on their own in a boat. Boat rentals are in good supply in the region for those who lack their own watercraft. Some of the Thousand Islands campgrounds are even known to rent out boats.

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