New York Car Rentals

New York offers several options for transportation, from renting a car to taking a train. The state features well-maintained roads and an extensive network of busses and trains. Whether you’re looking into a New York car rental or prefer to see the beautiful state by train, there are many ways to travel New York.

The most economical way to get around the state of New York is by car, although gas prices are typically higher than the national average by ten to twelve cents, while gas prices in New York City can be as much as 60 cents higher than the national average. The cheapest cities in New York to buy gas are usually Rochester, Albany, and Binghamton.

New York City is best traveled by foot or through the extensive network of busses, trains, and subways. A New York bus ticket costs a few dollars and allows you to travel throughout Manhattan and into the other boroughs of New York. New York bus routes are posted on bus stops and information centers. Although taking the subway will get you around the city faster, taking a New York bus allows you to view the sights of New York through the window.

If you’re planning on getting a New York car rental between late November and mid-March, keep in mind that the roads in upstate New York can be extremely icy and snowy. Road conditions can be especially adverse in the Catskill Mountains and Adirondack Mountains. Be sure that your New York rental car has snow tires and an adequate amount of windshield cleaning fluid. Although the roads can get icy in the winter after a storm, the roads are well maintained. The speed limits on the highways of New York are either 55 or 65 miles per hour. The speed limit in New York City is usually 30 miles per hour. Keep in mind that there are laws in New York against driving while talking on a cell phone. Fines can cost as much as 100 dollars. If you must talk on the phone, use an earpiece.

Taking a New York train can be a stress-free way to travel around the state. Amtrak offers different routes that travel throughout New England and Canada. The New York train route called Adirondack departs from New York City’s Penn Station in the morning and arrives in Montreal in the evening. Of course, the train makes several stops through the state on the way. Another option for New York transportation is the Long Island Rail Road, which originates at Penn Station in New York City and travels to the Hamptons. The North-Metro Railroad connects Grand Central Station in NYC to Hudson Valley cities such as Poughkeepsie. New York train services can also connect you to New England cities such as Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Baltimore. If you’re traveling to New York from a different country, you may want to buy an Amtrak USA Rail Pass. The pass allows unlimited travel on any of Amtrak’s lines for 5, 15, or 30 days. Although the train will connect you with most parts of the state, you may need a New York car rental if you wish to travel to destinations outside of train routes.

Whether you plan to spend your vacation visiting New York wineries or prefer to stay around the Big Apple, there is a New York transportation option for everyone.

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