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Finding a flight to Charlotte for business or pleasure is convenient from many locations throughout the country. Cheap flights North Carolina are available through a number of discount carriers such as Southwest Airlines, and travelers can also often find cheap flights North Carolina by flying at off-peak hours or taking advantage of special off-season rates. The best rates for a flight to Charlotte will almost always be found during the winter, but as many travelers are aware flight prices can fluctuate without warning. The best bet for getting to the Charlotte Airport for a low price is to watch for a sale.

Most of the major airlines make a flight to Charlotte at least once a day. A few European airlines also make frequent flights to Charlotte thanks to its convenient location on the eastern seaboard. British Airways, Lufthansa and Air Canada are three international airlines that make flights directly to the Charlotte Airport from their home ports. Domestic flights to Charlotte are serviced by United, Northwest, Delta, American and US Airways, making it fairly simple to find a flight into Charlotte any time of the day or night. If your favorite airline does not go to Charlotte directly, chances are you can easily find a connecting flight which will eventually get you there.

Finding cheap flights North Carolina is often accomplished by simply keeping an eye out for a deal. Though it may be obnoxious to be peppered with random airline emails, signing up for airline updates and sale alerts can actually be a good way to find out about an airline deal the moment it becomes available. Some airlines will also offer last minute flights at a discounted rate to try and fill up seats. Booking far out in advance can sometimes help to find a good deal, but of course there are no guarantees.

Once you've found the right flight into Charlotte, your next challenge will be navigating the Charlotte Airport, although it is not so big that you will have much of a hard time. If you have some time to kill, the airport has some nice services. You can ship packages and send letter from the airport, have pictures from your trip developed and even rent a conference room if you are meeting up with others on business. Data ports are located throughout the airport if you have a laptop and want to get some work done, and of course there is a visitor center on the ground floor with information about area hotels, restaurants and attractions. You can even visit the small chapel found right inside the airport if you so desire.

Once you have arrived at the Charlotte airport, taking a taxi to the city will cost between $25 and $35, and taxis can be found on the ground floor of the airport. Downtown attractions such as the Mint Museum of Art and the Discovery Place Museum are open during the day and can be a relaxing way to spend the afternoon after a flight from out of town. Rental car companies are also found at the Charlotte Airport on the ground floor.

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