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Blue Ridge Parkway NC
Blue Ridge Parkway NC

The Appalachian Mountains are a long system of mountains stretching from Newfoundland in Canada all the way to Alabama in the southern United States. The area surrounding the Appalachian Mountains is filled with various towns, and Appalachian Mountains history includes some of the most important aspects of early colonial history in the United States. Today, the Appalachian Trail is the main attraction, with an excellent stretch of Appalachian Trail North Carolina drawing some travelers to the state simply to hike this famous trail. The full trail in the United States is 2,174 miles long.

The name Appalachia comes from French settlers, who encountered Native American tribes in the area and took the name from these tribes, referring to the mountain system as the Appalachian Mountains. Appalachian Mountains history reflects not only the many battles that took place between early setters and Native Americans, but also battles taking place between various European settler cultures coming from different countries. The largest Native American tribe found in the Appalachian Mountains was the Cherokee, although in the 19th century the Cherokee were forced out of the area to Oklahoma, following what has come to be known as the Trail of Tears.

In the 18th century, however, the main battles taking place were occurring between French settlers and Dutch settlers, who were mostly forced westward from the major British towns and colonies in search of land they could afford. Since the British settlements had thus far relegated their cities and towns to the zone located between the mountains and the ocean, early settler Appalachian mountains history was largely shaped by the French and Dutch settlers. The rough terrain of the mountains tended toward creating smaller villages and towns that became increasingly cut-off from the settlements to the east. Thanks to this separation, the Appalachian cultures of today are still very much in tact, and specific dialects in the area reflect early European languages more closely than any other dialect in the United States today.

The Appalachian Trail North Carolina is about 88 miles long, offering plenty of opportunity for both novice hikers and serious enthusiasts to explore this area. Due to the popularity of this trail, the Appalachian Trail North Carolina features numerous hostels and campsites along the way for lodging. Everything from warming huts (usually these are free, unlocked, and have minimal facilities) to hostels with running water and electricity can be found along the way for hikers. Information about the trail and the Appalachian Mountains can be found at the Appalachian Scenic Trail Ranger Station in North Carolina, or at the Information Center of major North Carolina cities such as Charlotte.

The Appalachian Mountains are open to the public for driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway or Appalachian mountain hiking along the many trails. During the winter, the Appalachian Mountains are the major destination for skiers heading to Appalachian Mountain Ski Resort for a day of skiing or an entire weekend. If you do plan to camp or hike, be sure to bring along your own food and to stick to the designated trails at all times.

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