Biltmore Estate

The Biltmore Estate covers no fewer than 8,000 acres, and its crowning jewel is the largest private home in the entire United States. This home, the Biltmore House Asheville NC, features an impressive 250 rooms, and its dazzling exterior exudes a French Renaissance appeal that is impossible to deny. Few remaining examples of America's Gilded Age even come close to rivaling this estate, and visitors will find that the centerpiece mansion isn't the only attraction worth checking out. All told, you'll need about five hours to make your way around the mansion and the expansive grounds, and should you wish to indulge in everything that the estate has to offer for a longer period of time, staying at the wonderful Inn on Biltmore Estate is always an option.

There is much to marvel at during a visit to the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina, though it is understandable if you head straight for the 250-room mansion after passing through the gates. Completed in 1895, this amazing French chateau was built for George Washington Vanderbilt II and is quite a sight to behold. The architect, Richard Morris Hunt, was a very prominent architect of the day, and he certainly put his skills on display with this stunning masterpiece, much as he did with homes that were designed for other Vanderbilt family members in Rhode Island and New York.

The interior of the Biltmore Mansion, much like the exterior, is awe inspiring. Elegant and opulent are words that could be used to describe the various rooms, and there are many treasures to behold as you move from one area to another. You'll find a chess set that was owned by Napoleon in one of the rooms, for example, and the tapestries from the 1500s are nothing short of impressive. Among the other things that you will find inside the Biltmore Mansion are a 70,000-gallon swimming pool, a bowling alley, and 65 different fireplaces.

When George Washington Vanderbilt II had his beloved Biltmore Estate built, a prominent architect to construct the mansion wasn't the only master that he employed. The famous American landscape architect, Frederick Law Olmstead, was asked to convert the grounds into something spectacular, and he did not fail. Both the formal and informal gardens are among the property's main highlights, and many experts consider them to also be among the best gardens in the country.

Complementing the Biltmore Mansion and its gardens are greenhouses and conservatories, and wine enthusiasts will be happy to know that the extensive grounds also feature a winery. This winery is found approximately three miles from the main house and is the most visited winery in the United States. Also found in the same area of the winery is a village, and it features historical exhibits, shops, and dining establishments.

The Biltmore Estate also features live entertainment in the village, fun activities that can be enjoyed at the estate's farm, and a variety of outdoor adventures that can be enjoyed on the vast 8,000-acre grounds. Much of the grounds are heavily forested, and splitting the estate in two is the French Broad River. Outdoor activity options include river floating, horseback riding, and biking.

The Biltmore Estate is located in Asheville, North Carolina, It is open any day of the week between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. There is never a bad time to visit this amazing estate, as the various seasons all have their charms, and a variety of tour options are available for those who are interested. Regardless of your intentions, allowing plenty of time for your visit is recommended. This is one large estate, and many would argue that a minimum of two days is required to get the full experience.

Vacation packages for the Biltmore House Asheville NC are available should you wish to take advantage, and they can include a stay at the Inn on Biltmore Estate or one of the other Asheville hotels. Due to the fact that the Inn on Biltmore Estate is found on the grounds, it is very popular with visitors. This hotel has more than 200 spacious and well-equipped guest units, and the ample facilities only add to its overall allure There is also a vacation rental on the property that is a two-bedroom cottage once the residence of the market gardener of the Biltmore House Asheville NC.

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