Blowing Rock North Carolina

Blowing Rock North Carolina enjoys a vibrant tourism industry. This is largely due to its quaint downtown district and the scenic mountain setting. A selection of shops and restaurants are found downtown, and the surrounding mountains help to form the Blue Ridge Range. Add in the fact that the splendor of the Pisgah National Forest unfolds to the south of town, and it becomes even more clear that Blowing Rock can be a fine place to visit.

The town of Blowing Rock North Carolina is found in the state's mountainous western region. Just eight miles or so to the north is the city of Boone, and on the southern edge of town is the Blue Ridge Parkway. One of the most scenic roads in the United States, this national parkway extends for more than 400 miles through both North Carolina and Virginia. To say it is a major regional attraction would be an understatement, and no visit to Blowing Rock would arguably be complete without driving at least a short segment.

Another popular thing to do in Blowing Rock North Carolina is pay the town's namesake a visit. Blowing Rock is a picturesque outcropping of rock that is found at an elevation of 4,000 feet above sea level. A cliff essentially, it looks out over the Johns River Gorge, which is some 3,000 feet down. An observation tower provides some of the best views, and visitors to the site can also interest themselves in the walking trails and the gift shops. You can find the Blowing Rock attraction on Highway 321 South, and it is open daily most of the year. Admission fees apply, and they are reasonable. Across the way from Blowing Rock is the Green Park Inn. As you might imagine due to the location, this historic lodging establishment is among the most popular Blowing Rock NC hotels, especially since it has undergone considerable repair in recent times.

An interesting fact about Blowing Rock is that wind most often blows back up the cliff, so if you toss something light over, such as a leaf, it is likely to ascend instead of descend. Similar attractions can be found around the world, with Ronda Spain being just one example.

Blowing Rock the town sits at an elevation of around 3,500 feet above sea level, and during the summer, this helps to keep it cooler than cities in towns in the lower part of North Carolina. You can expect it to be at least ten degrees warmer in Charlotte on a typical summer day, for example. As can be expected, the winter temperatures are also cooler. Daytime temps in the teens aren't uncommon, and heavy snowfalls can occur. This is good news for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts who are planning a winter visit since there are several ski resorts in the area. These ski resorts include Appalachian Ski Mountain and the Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.

Regardless of your interests, having a good time in Blowing Rock shouldn't be difficult. There are galleries and museums for the cultural enthusiast, and the Hayes Performing Arts Center offers a variety of events that can also satisfy that cultural void. For families, a visit to the Tweetsie Railroad theme park can be a blast. Its main attraction is the steam-powered train, which takes passengers on a three-mile trip through the Appalachian Mountains. As for nature enthusiasts, the Pisgah National Forest offers all kinds of recreational possibilities, including camping, and a guided tour through the limestone caverns in nearby Linville is always worth considering.

The Blowing Rock NC hotels offer quite a lot in the way of variety. There are inns, B&Bs, lodges, and resorts, and at least a few chain brand hotels have a presence. Whether you want to go all out and stay at a spa resort, or save some money and look into a budget option, there are options in this town to accommodate you.

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