Charlotte North Carolina

The city of Charlotte North Carolina is one of the largest cities in the state and is continuing to grow into a larger metropolis all the time. Skyscrapers are beginning to crowd the skyline and take a solid place next to some of the more historical Charlotte area attractions and downtown monuments. A number of things to do in Charlotte, from checking out those historical sites to enjoying a Charlotte spa or relaxing in the park continue to bring more travelers back to Charlotte North Carolina each year.

The city of Charlotte was founded toward the beginning of the 18th century. Two prominent Native American tribes used trading routes that intersected at what is modern day Charlotte. The first house in Charlotte was built in 1755 by Thomas Polk, though at the time there was not yet a town in place. A town sprung up around these trading routes, which were used by settlers in increasing numbers as well. Trade Street is still a major arterial in Charlotte and runs mostly along one of the original trading paths, and also happens to be one of the great Charlotte area attractions.

Among the many things to do in Charlotte, the Mint Museum of Art is one of the most popular. This is the oldest art museum in North Carolina and is known throughout the United States among art lovers as home to one of the great collections of American, pre-Columbian and European art and artifacts in the south. The Mint Museum in Charlotte North Carolina is more than 81,000 square feet, so leave plenty of time for touring. If you plan to rent a car for your transportation, condsider parking it for the day in downtown Charlotte and simply walking.

Another of the most popular Charlotte area attractions is the Charlotte Botanical Garden, which is located on the campus of the University of North Carolina. A two-story rain forest makes this a popular place to go for anyone interested in exploring the flora and fauna native to the south. To reach the University and the gardens, you will need to drive about ten minutes north from downtown Charlotte. Donations to the gardens are encouraged. Most travelers looking for things to do in Charlotte also make time to check out Discovery Place. This hands-on science museum is a favorite among families and especially children, who are encouraged to play and explore throughout the museum. Avoid this museum on the weekends as it can become quite busy.

The downtown area of Charlotte is the best place to go for eating out and shopping, and if you are planning a flight into Charlotte you will only be about thirty minutes from the city, close to numerous Charlotte hotels. Bar-b-cue is incredibly popular and done to perfection in the south, and this is certain true in North Carolina. Many Charlotte bar-b-cue restaurants claim to have the best ribs in the south. Give them a run for their money and check them out after getting a taste of some of the best attractions in the city.

Charlotte Speedway

Charlotte Speedway

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