Elizabethtown Days Inn, Elizabethtown

Elizabethtown Days Inn

609 E. Broad St.

Welcome to Days Inn Elizabethtown, NC 5 Sunburst Rating The Days Inn in Elizabethtown offers you the best of both worlds, the old history and charm the city is known for and the modern recreational facilities and services. Elizabethtown was founded in 1773 and named The County Seat of Bladen County. It is the fifteenth oldest town in North Carolina. In 1912 W.M. Corbett opened Crystal Beach adjacent to Goldstons and in 1939 installed the first amusement rides at White Lake. White Lake is one of the five lakes in the Bladen Lake region, the others being Baytree Lake, Singletary Lake, James Lake and Salters Lake. Collectively they are known as the Bay Lakes and all are respectively shallow with the deepest reading at Singletary lake of 11.8 ft. There are picnic and playground areas around these lakes.