Emerald Isle North Carolina

Found about halfway up the North Carolina coast on the Bogue Banks barrier island is the charming beach community known as Emerald Isle. Emerald Isle North Carolina is very much a family-friendly destination, and besides offering up great, soft sand beaches and warm summertime waters, visitors here can enjoy tennis, golf, charter boat trips, and more. This southern Outer Banks part of the coast is also known as the Crystal Coast, and this area boasts numerous attractions, such as Fort Macon State Park, the historical Beaufort Colonial Port, and the NC Aquarium, which is found at Pine Knoll. Atlantic Beach is just one of the shining Crystal Coast beach destinations, and the different Bogue Banks beaches can be accessed by numerous, well-defined access points.

The beautiful and wide beach at Emerald Isle is busiest in the summer, as you might expect, and during this time it is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving. You might also find interest in trying your hand at windsurfing and kayaking, among other fun pursuits. Seashell hunting is a popular Emerald Isle vacation pastime, and once you have scoured the Emerald Isle beach, you might hop on the ferry to nearby Bear Island, which is underdeveloped and splendid for shell hunting. Birdwatchers will also appreciate Bear Island, and the beach here is nothing to sneeze at. Like other great beaches in North Carolina, the wildlife here is worth seeing.

Interestingly enough, beach driving is permitted at Emerald Isle North Carolina, though only between the dates of September 15 and April 30, so should you come during the off-season, you might fancy the idea. There are at least 7 public access points for Emerald Isle, so during your Emerald Isle vacation you will have a good amount of parking possibilities close to the beach. Some of these access points offer bathrooms and outdoor showers, and the Eastern and Western Regional Access Points offer the most parking spaces. Should you stay at one of the Emerald Isle hotels close to the beach, you will enjoy convenient parking and easy beach access.

Besides enjoying the beach at Emerald Isle, visitors can arrange historical tours, eco-adventures, and more. Should you want to pass on the Emerald Isle hotels to go camping during your Emerald Isle vacation, the nearby Cape Lookout National Seashore is worth hopping on the boat to get to. The Cape Lookout Lighthouse is one of the state's 7 most famous, and the beach here is quite dazzling. For those interested in the Emerald Isle hotels, the choices are mostly of the inn and motel variety, so you might look around Bogue Banks if you want a bit more. Atlantic Beach is another Bogue Banks destination of repute, and it's just one example of possible places to stay in the southern Outer Banks area. Plan your Bogue Banks and Emerald Isle vacation, and you're sure to find the experience to be a most full and rewarding one.

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