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From its beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches, to its Appalachian Mountain highlands, the state of North Carolina presents vacationers with a most worthy destination. Wherever you go in the Tar Heel State, you will find North Carolina hotels in good number. Being a popular vacation destination, there are surely no lack of good places to rest your head. In North Carolina, you will find traditional hotels and motels, many of the chain variety, and numerous country inns and bed and breakfasts provide charming retreats. Among the North Carolina hotels are also a nice collection of resorts, and if vacation rentals are your thing, there are plenty of those as well.

We'll start our journey in the capital city of Raleigh. Raleigh has some nice museums to visit, among them the North Carolina Museum of Art. If you like to shop, the downtown section of the city is pretty much one big pedestrian mall, and with six colleges in town, the dining and nightlife scenes are rich. Touring the Capitol Building and the rest of the 5-acre capital square is recommended, and for a change of pace, you might bike your way around town. There is no shortage in Raleigh hotels, and if you are searching out North Carolina budget hotels, there's plenty to be found here. The most historic Raleigh hotels are found downtown, and for a pretty reasonable price, they offer fine amenities. There are plenty of chain brand Raleigh hotels, which range in price and amenities, and the bed and breakfast Raleigh hotels offer cozy retreats. Not far from Raleigh, you will find a nice selection of hotels in the college/tobacco town of Durham. Home to Duke University, of particular interest is the Duke Chapel. A couple museums worth visiting here are the Museum of Life and Science, and the Nasher Museum of Art. There are a bunch of nice Durham hotels to choose from that offer extra-comfortable rooms and a list of amenities. Among the more interesting Durham hotels is the Washington Duke Inn and Golf Club, which is location on the Duke campus. Make sure to check for any Duke sporting events or ceremonies that may be going on during your visit, as that could affect your ability to secure the room you want here.

West of Durham, we come to the home city of the University of North Carolina. Greensboro is the third largest city in the state, and the Greensboro hotels offer some fine upscale choices, as well as plenty of options for North Carolina budget hotels. There are a bunch of mid-priced suites hotels offering spacious rooms at a pretty good price here, and suffice it to say you won't find a shortage of rooms available when you arrive. A main attraction in this town is the Greensboro Coliseum, which hosts the bulk of Greensboro events. Nearby, racing fans can visit the Richard Petty Museum. Following our line west, the next major city we hit is Winston-Salem. There are a good amount of Winston-Salem hotels that exhibit character, and since the city is rich in history, you might consider staying in one of the city's bed and breakfasts to add some extra charm to your experience. Walking about town and exploring the rich dining scene are among the top things to do here, and when you head out for the night, the nightlife scene should offer up some tempting bars and clubs that you'll want to drop in on.

Keep heading west in North Carolina, and eventually you'll end up in the attractive Appalachian Mountains. Besides hiking the Appalachian trail, driving the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway makes it to the top of the list for things to do here. You can go skiing in the North Carolina mountains, and camping here is a real treat. The featured North Carolina city in the mountains is Asheville, where you can find the famed Biltmore Estate. Asheville is a small city surrounded by forested mountains, and it is known for its liberal charm. Besides the Biltmore Estate, Asheville boasts lively nightlife, an eclectic grouping of locals, and plenty of outdoor recreation. Regardless of your budget, you can find the Asheville hotels to more than meet your needs. There are some interesting choices for accommodations here, from mountain cabins to charming B&B's. You can stay at a luxurious inn on the grounds of the Biltmore Estate, or pick discount North Carolina lodging in the form of a chain motel. There's even a holistic retreat in nearby Weaverville, so you can see that the selection for Asheville hotels is a bit different from most places.

Charlotte and Fayetteville are the remaining North Carolina cities we'll take a look at, and while the coast isn't covered here, you can bet there are plenty of nice North Carolina hotels to be had by the sandy shores. The North Carolina beaches not only bring you some of the best sandy strips in the country, but also a full array of accommodations options, ranging from vacation rentals and resort hotels, to North Carolina budget hotels. Regardless of where you choose to go in North Carolina, if you are flying in, you are likely going to end up in Charlotte. The Queen City is culturally rich, and simply strolling downtown is a pleasure. Dining in Charlotte is a top thing to do, as is visiting its museums. The Mint Museum of Art and Discovery Place are two museums you might not want to miss. Among the hotels in Charlotte NC are some pretty elegant downtown offerings, and if you are looking for discount North Carolina lodging, the city is full of choices. Some of the best hotels in Charlotte NC are housed in restored historic buildings, adding to their charm. If you want a good room at a good price, try the hotels in Charlotte NC that are close to the airport. Finally, we have Fayetteville, which is where golfers might choose to go. Some of the state's best courses are found near Fayetteville, and much like Charlotte, exploring downtown for good eats and museums is a popular thing to do in Fayetteville. As far as the Fayetteville hotels are concerned, the most luxurious are the upscale chain offerings found downtown, and if you prefer a bed and breakfast, there are a few in town worth looking into.

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